Made it home to California from the Rally

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John Foster

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Feb 29, 2000
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Well. I just got back home from the Rally. What a great time I had. All the guys are great people. Wish more of you could have made it.

Water conditions were not the greatest, and Bites were far and few between. But that's why they call it fishing, not Catching.

I hadn't caught a fish at all till sunday. But with some good luck and a borrowed bait from Chris, I ended up with three. With the largest being 3.83

I want to thank every one who attended for making it a great weekend. I would especially like to Thank Rich Stern. Because if he wouldn't of had the desire to start this great web site. None of this would have been possible.

I Can't wait till next year. Hope all of you can make it to the Second anual Nitro/Tracker Owners Internet Rally.

See you all later

John -

Be sure to let me know when you and Stacey are doing your stop-over in St. Louis! I'm looking forward to meeting your better half as well!

Stacey - That big guy sure does love you and Susan!