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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey folks, we are looking more like the 4th weekend in june next year but I need some info about this past rally.
In the tourney was there an entry fee and pay out? Or would everyone rather it just be trophies and braggin' rights for top 3 places?
Does anyone have a tourney weigh station we could use?
It seems there are a lot of conflicts with June next year. Would a July or August date be better for everyone?
dont want to cause a problem but... in my personal belief... the best thing would be to have it in the south.... I know myself it's hard to get time off during the summer since those are the busiest times in the boating business.... just my 2 cents.
Rob -

I'd kinda like to see a hybird....... Charge an entry fee but use it for a dinner to be held Saturday night and trophies - LOTS of trophies! Biggest fish! Most fish! SMALLEST fish!! Furthest distance travelled! Guy / gal with the oldest / newest boat! Worst casting form! Most memorable goof! (It could be shaped like a worn-down skeg and called the "Bill McElroy Award"!) Fish caught on the lightest tackle! Most severe sunburn! Worst case of self-inflicted hooking! Worst hangover....... You know....... So that everyone leaves a winner!

4th weekend,thats around the 4th of you think its a good weekend?maybe the weekend after the 4th would be better?its close to home here,about a 3-4 hr ride,could possibly be there,but not into the tournament bringing my boat though,want to fish the lake anyway,besides a deep v,i might have to rescue someone on the lake,those waves come up quick,might swamp those low to the water nitros!! not sure if i will have anyone with me,depepnding on the time,and vacation plans,you know how it goes....

hope to see some of you there!!!
A worn down skeg?? My skeg is pristine buddy!!! A little paint would make it worthy of the Smithsonian!! So, be careful what you wish for (i.e. your "Smallest fish award!!!"), may just come true!! TWO YEARS IN A ROW!! You're killin' me!!! Hope to see you there!! ;o)
How did I know that Scott would chime in there with something about smallest fish! LOL. Don't worry Scott, I am trying to get a pro. Maybe Penny. For a fee it might be arranged that she could be your draw partner. If nothing else, at least we would know your boat would come in with fish. LOL. But on a side note, I would leave the perch colored vest at home, I read somewhere it's a turn off for women. Now if you got it in firetiger.....hey maybe!
Something tells me this rally is going to give us plenty to talke about when it's over.
Penny? Fee? Draw Partner? FireTiger?

I will definately be there! Name your price! Both days! I'll get the Chineese Tailor right on it!

As long as you're at the tailor's shop, might as well have him measure you for a trolling harness.....or atleast have him make you a new tournament shirt,...with all kinds of "tiny little fishies" on it......LOL...
I already got the "tiny little fishies"...... They're all over my jammies!


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