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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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I have to tell you guys I'm impressed. The other day I got a call from Tracker Customer Service asking me if everything was ok with my boat(98 700lx). Told them everything was fine and that I traded it in a couple of months earlier on a 96 896. Then he said he would call me next year and make sure everything is ok with the 896. Do they do this for everbody or is this something they just started? either way I was just happy to hear from them!

Might be something new or did you have some particular problem at one time with your boat. I've not received a call since about 3 months or so after having bought my boat from Bass Pro Shops... 2000 700LX single console
I also received a call (BPS Orlando) and did an over the phone survey on the 882 I bought in March.

Back in 1996, shortly after I bought my boat, I received a call from "Tracker". I assume that this was not actually anyone employed directly by Tracker but rather a Marketing Service firm that they contracted; a common practice with many companies.

Thanx Mac....I think I'll keep them around another month or so LOL

I'm fortunate to have a good crew in service, and my sales dept. is becoming more knowledgable every if I could only hire a personal massuese!!!
...don't get any funny ideas big dog...I love ya man but not that much!!! LOL
I got one from Tracker 1 year after I bought my PC175, it was a few weeks after a warranty item was fixed so I asked them if it was related to the service work and they told me no relation, just checking in and took a quick survey on the buying, delivery and overall service quality