You no like my boat?

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Chris Snider

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Apr 10, 2001
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By the way, I'm hurt that nobody commented on my boat when I posted the URL to the pic on this site! Sniffle, sniffle... OK, it's pretty obvious that this is my lame attempt to coerce someone into saying "cool boat"... I just like to hear it! Sorry guys... It's Friday and just about quitting time... I'm feeling a little goofy about now!

Nice boat see you were at Keysport ramp. Welcome to the nitro club. Good fishin
I dont know.. Im getting broken links to the pics Sgt..
hey sgt. Nice boat,love the stories you tell. Keep 'em come'in. tight lines
Steve ><}}}}'>
That'sa a nice-a boat!!

I will-a bless it-a for you so's-a you catcha a lots of fishies!

Father Guido Sarducci
Hey Sarge, this is bass fishin'! There's no crying in bass fishin'....LOL

Sweet rig ya got there!!! Now catch some fish.

Go gettem'

ALRIGHT!!! MUCH BETTER!!! he he... Thanks for feeding my ego, folks!!! I appreciate it! Ken, I think you know that ramp a little too well!!! Steve, yeah I bet you love to laugh at my stupid mistakes!!! Gene, that wasn't funny at all... (giggle)... Scott, I'm saying that to myself right now in father's Guido's voice(!), and Marke... You're right. What am I whining about!

Alright guys, quit you're playing around and catch some fish! There's no time for these games!!!
Hey Sarge!! One of my sponsored boats a few years back was EXACTLY like yours!! Mine had a 200 Mariner on it and it ran great,...loved that boat!! Mine had a skeg on it too though!!...ahahaha...sorry,...couldn't resist!!
Sweet Ride,'re stylin' and pro'filin' now!! LOL

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