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Z-Man 21XL

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Jul 5, 2022
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Harker Heights TX
Glad to be a part of the site---Hope to learn a lot. I'm a 1st time Nitro owner but not new to bass boats. Been doing this for over 30 years on a couple other boat brands. Bought the Z21XL because after seeing the 1st one at my local BP store I was very impressed. Have only had the boat for a little over a month now and hadn't had any major issues with anything (Trailer Included). Lost 2 fish in the port livewell in the 1st tournament I fished due to the Recirc/Oxygenator not working. Starboard was working but didn't notice the port wasn't. The issue was a loose wire going to the plug (Easy Fix). Not very happy about how the wiring at the back of the boat was basically wadded up on top of the start battery. Carpet inside the rod boxes looked like a 10 year old had a "Go to work with dad day"!! Kept hearing a clanking noise while running. While working in the dash I found a handful of nuts and washers left over from the factory. Other than that, I really like the features and the ride is really good on these big Texas lakes. I've only added a couple things so far. A 16V electronics power system from Powerhouse Lithium and a Tournament Saver Pro jump start system. I've only used the new 16V system for a couple trips out but I've checked the battery at the end of the day and its been at 100% every time. I highly suggest this system to all tournament guys who run 3 or more systems all day long. They also have a Run & Gun Charger for 16V, 24V and 36V batteries that will keep them charged pretty much all day. The Tournament Saver Pro is a simple box that transfers power from a single trolling motor battery to your start battery with the push of a button mounted at the dash. No more jumper cables, or getting into the back to turn a switch.


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