Woo Daves-here in the flesh

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Ken Neeley

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Jul 6, 2001
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Awesome day here at work...Woo Daves will be in town for a week and on the way here he lost a wheel on his trailer...he's gotta launch at 5 am and guess who he comes to save the day???

You got it...Ken@Bass Pro...I'd tell ya more but we're getting ready to sit down and have a couple hot dogs together and get me some pointers while my Tech fixes his trailer!!!!!

Hey Mac...I know it ain't as good as a day on the water with him but I'm working on it!!!
Careful, Adam...... Don't get him upset...... Remember, Mac's reciept for chum was the inspiration for the meat grinder sceen in "Fargo"!

Easy there MAC-aroni...

You want lug nuts on your trailer when you pull out?!?!?

BTW, are you coming here Sunday for the Mustad weigh-in with VanDam, Denny Brauer, and Woo???
I knew Mini was gonna be here but not you...they don't tell me anything, I just run the joint is all!!!

Can't wait to see the rods...you'll have to hook me up and I'm still waiting for my immortality. LOL
Hey Dave!!!

I haven't yet, but he'll be here Sunday for the weigh-in...

I ran that theory by a couple of my local pro's and they agree...
Ran 8# silver thread on my stradic fg200 all day sunday in a tourney and had very little problems. Only problem was a tire delamination on the trailer on the way to the lake
I may have to e-mail them to you and have you post them...I'm working on it.

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