Why are my seats so hard to remove?

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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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Can anyone tell me why are the seats on my 2001 Pro Deep-V 16 so hard to remove? They are the wedge type and it takes two people pulling and tugging on them just to dislodge them from the base. Is this normal? Should these be seated so tight? The instructions on the side say something to the affect that, to remove, push the tab in and bump the base with the palm of your hand to dislodge. This doesn't work.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or if anyone has any advice at all.

Thanks in advance everyone.

John K.

I have a 2001 Pro Angler 16 w/ pin type mounts. They are tough to remove as well. Mine have a small "lip" around the bottom of the pin to keep them from popping out to easy, such as heavy waves. I think they will loosen up with use, as will mine.

Rich D
John, this is a common problem with those style of bases......their tolerances are so tight (to avoid wobble) that they don't leave any room for expansion when it gets hot, etc.......once you get them out try keeping them coated with a thin layer of vaseline or grease or some other lubricant to help with their removal. I've heard a lot of people say they can't get their seats out,.....even on my 901 i sometimes have problems getting my front butt seat out of the hole in the deck due to carpet and glue, and grime etc getting in there,.....i keep it lubed and it's been much easier since then,......hope this helps. (careful with the lube tho,....you dont want it getting on your carpet.,.....it's a dirt magnet!!) Tight lines!!!
I had the same problem with all of the seats in my Targa V17. If you have the Taper-Lock base, (black plastic with a tab on the base of the seat post) once you get the seat out, take some sand paper and sand inside the metal base and then wipe it out real good, then lightly grease inside the base. Wipe down the base of the seat post, it also may require light sanding. This is what the dealer recommended and has worked perfectly for my seats which I remove at least one every time I take the boat out, which is about 3 to 4 times a week.

John, I tried a light coating of grease and it only worked for 1 trip. trouble then is when you take them out grease gets on your hand, carpet etc... I just cleaned mine real good and am going to try spraying silicone lubricant on the metal base and black plastic on the bottom of the pole to see if it helps! Mike
John, this is a common problem. You read about it on the other message boards with all of the boat brands. You really have to keep these things clean or they stick. I haven't tried the silicone trick but I was going to coat the plastic parts with Armor-all and see if that works. Less oil residue. So far I have been able to remove mine though.

I hit mine with a little silicon spray when they were new which helped a lot. They are a little easier to remove
now. What I found works best is grab both sides of under the
seat and jerk straight up. That will pop em loose, then unlock the tab and remove from the base.