Where can a guy get a cheap spare tire?

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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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Anyone know of a place to pick up a cheap spare tire for my Tracker Pro Deep-V 16 with 2001 factory tracker type trailer (Trailstar)?

I'll never understand why they don't sell these things equiped standard with a spare tire.

Thanks in advance everyone.

John K.
I just called my dealer and he said the would probably have to order a tire an rim from Tracker and it may run around, get this.....$300.00!! I had to ask him to repeat that twice to make sure I heard him correctly. I told him I didn't want to buy stock in the tire factory, just a tire.

I thought about just picking up a tire and rim from one of the used tire shops we have here in the OKC metro area. I haven't measured my rims yet and I'm not sure if this will even work. Any idea?
JohnK, You can order spare tires & rims from Cabelas for around 75 bucks not including shipping.
John, I ordered mine with the boat. It came with the side mount bracket for the trailor and was only $130.00 which included the bracket. Your dealer is nuts if he says it's $300.00. You can get them through Bass Pro, they are carrying the Towmaster tire in the catalog. Or I would go to a Tire shop and see what they carry. You could get 3 new tires for the price the dealer quoted you.

I must be cheap...All I did was visited to my local used autoparts detailer and got an old spare tire from a wrecked car. Found the right one, and it cost me $0. If it's good for the cars, must be good for the trailer!

Current 2001 catalog lists "13" standard tire for $119.95, utility tire $78.95 and Chrome Tire/Wheel $149.95 with the Mounting Hardware (side mount) for $34.95. Don't know the diff between Utility and Standard - So John K - Call another dealer or order it on-line if you want the tire to match (i.e. have Tracker Marine on the tire).

I did what Mike W. did and ordered mine with the the boat and got the mounting as well,

I got a spare white spoke wheel & 14" tire for my 912 at a local trailor place in tulsa for $100. Just measure your hole space & get either a four lug or 5 lug.
Try your local Discount Tire store...I was out the door with a spare tire/wheel for $62...

Good article in June B&W Boats magazine on trailer tires.
It covers the differences between standard auto tires and trailer tires and the importance of proper maintenance. Also Bias vs. Radial.

Try Farm and Fleet. The guy at marina told me they have the exact same tires on rims at Farm and Fleet. I have not been there to check it out yet, but I have too also get one. I know they sell a U bolt for about 5 buck to mount the tire onto the frame. I am going to mount mine right between the winch bracket and the hitch. That way I have something to step on there too (slippery when wet :) )
i got mine off an aerostar,it is a 16" tire with the same weight carrying as my present tires on the boat.a bronco 2 has the same rims also.they are 15".oh the aerostar is a temp spare i used.the bronco 2 rim is the same also.

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