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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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I have a 2001 Pro Deep-V 16 with standard factory seats for that model (3). My problem is when I set at the casting deck up front, it is VERY uncomfortable to operate the foot control trolling motor.

Basically, the seat up front is too low to the deck and when I operate it, it feels as if my knees are right under my chin, not to mention turning the seat at all. I checked it out and it doesn't seem to be extendible at all (I'm not 100% sure on this one). Now I'll admit, I'm no little fella by any stretch so I'm sure that doesn't help matters any but what I'm wondering is can anyone out there recommend a good, comfortable, extendable seat for the casting deck area that would fit with this model of boat (any style would do at this point)?

Much thanks in advance everyone.

John K.
Hey John, The factory seats do not extend. However they are Springfield posts and Springfield does make an extendable post that should fit the base. Then you would have to decide if you want to sit or more of a stand and lean position. If you want a stand and lean position, then you will want a post that extends high enough and also a different seat that is made for that. If you want to sit, then just get the right extendable for that and use the same seat you already have. I am kind of use to the tight quarters because of my last boat. I'm 6foot. I do however find myself wondering about and extending post too.

Have fun,

Howdy Mike,

I'll check out BP, Cabelas or maybe local to see if I can find one.

Much thanks Mike.

John K.
Same Problem in My TV 17 I bought the 13 and 15 inch posts from Bass Pro. Factory rigged with 11 in posts. Mine are th2 3/4 pin type.
BeWare.. I tried a hydraulic adjustable post. The 3/4 pin model without the seat base built in. It did not work, when I sat on it it lowered. The Model with the seat base built in works, but then you have to memove the whole thing(seat is bolted to it) when not in use.
My Targa V17 came with taper-lock bases, so I added a Taper-Lock
Samething here John, too low. I did get it in the water. Not too bad. I scuffed up the trolling motor on some rocks, just glad it did not break off. I was trying to get through a channel that looked tight, kinda windy, use the trolling motor, and caught a rock and some gravel. I paddled the rest of the way through. There was a big Rander with a 225 in the other side. I told him it looked tight, and he might not make it through. He said I can make it. I motored though and made it no problem. Guess that it what I should have done, not much room on either side. The channel is full of gravel for some reason, but deep where there is water. Just did not want to scuff that nice black prop. Well any ways, the boat worked great.
Hey EsoxTracker,

I had the same problem with my adjustable post. The seat post w/spring would compress and hit the adjusting lever on the inside. I fixed the problem by removing the screw that tightens the seat post in the pole. Then I drilled a hole through the tapped screw hole and through the seat post. I installed a pin with a retainer. This keeps the seat post from hitting the lever. I also drilled a hole in the bottom of the pole and pinned it under the deck to keep the seat/pole assembly from flying out while cruising on the water or highway. If you want to remove the seat and/or pole, just pull a pin.

Thanx for the I say the Adjustable Seat Post I had trouble with was the one without the base built in. It would lower when you sat on it. Thw model with the base built in does not lower when you sit on it. Instead I went to longer posts although they are not available in THREADED 3/4 pin type. Great idea on drilling a hole for a screw or bolt so they will not fly out. The longer posts are nice, I have a Cupholder and Pliers sheath mounted to them I found at Bass Pro. Thanx again