What's the OLDEST tackle in your arsenal?

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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I just read Marke's message in response to Jason's question about favorite baitcast reels. Marke replied his favorite was an "old Quantum MG310 (goin on almost 12 yrs and about 1000 fish)."

I just went to my tackle box and pulled out my first reel - a Garcia Mitchell 300! I got it when I was about 10 or 12 so it's about 40 years old now! Caught my first big catfish on it about 30 years ago - a channel cat from a lake that my father lived on that weighed about 15 pounds! Remember Stren Gold Florescent? That was the line I was using at the time! Not exactly flourocarbon! The reel still works like a champ! I keep it as a spare and 'cuz I could NEVER bear to part with the memories!

So how 'bout the rest of you? What's hiding with the dried-out pork frogs in the bottom of YOUR tackle boxes!!??!!


I would have guessed that you owned a mithchell 300 "Old Backwards Charlie" they used to call them. The bail winds backwards on them so the guys at the bait shop would always have to spool them twice because they'd put the line on wrong. I learned how to fish with one myself. I could never real left handed so I'd flip it over and real backwards with my right. Deffinately an amercan fishing classic.
I just checked my whole arsenal and the "oldest" thing I found was this really cool guy that gives good advise on this web page that I visit....LOL :eek:)
That 300 was my favorite reel too. My oldest arsenal is a devil horse lure I can not and will not part with. It caught my first double digit bass 15.4# and is still my biggest.
Ya know, Marke...... For a Kid - you're all right!


P.S. If you'll e-mail me your address..... I'll send you my "Old Backwards Charlie"! Seriously! I think you'd give it a good home and it would bring back memories of when YOU learned to fish!
I still have a cheap Shimano 2 piece rod & reel that I bought in Kmart in 1980, it's been around the world with me. I fished with it in Germany, WA, OR, Korea, MO, KA, NE, TX, CA, FL, NC, GA, SC, WV, TN, VA, MD, & PA. Some people take golf clubs when they travel, I always took my rod & reel and a small tackle box.

Last year when I decided it was time to start fishing again, it was the first thing I got out and cleaned up, today it is sitting in my pole rack with the rest of my rods & reels. I have some spoons & worms that are just as old. I am sure that in 20 more years I will still have all of it. There are certain things I just don't part with, tools, anything electrical, computer parts, books and fishing gear. :)

Being 41 may not be the oldest here, but I've got a Dare Devel spoon
that Ive had for I think 20yrs. My best spinning rod is a Berkley Lightning
rod Ive had for 10-15 yrs.

I have some jointed Rapalas, that are about 20-22 yrs old, and I still use them. I just had to replace the hooks a couple of times.
Got 8 or 9 wooden lures from the 1950's and some kind of baitcast reel that I can't for the life of me figure out how it works... ever heard of a PFLUEGER? Its spooled with some kind of muli-color cotten string I think.

Any help on this would be great!

You got it right, Eric! I wasn't old enough to give you any info - I was born in 1950 - but I do remember the first time my father took me fishing........ That was the name of the reel that we used and I was fascinated by the line that was a different color every 6 or 8 inches...... Dad said it was that way so that it wouldn't be as easy for the fish to identify as line! For some reason, I seem to remember Dad had an UGLY, translucent-yellow, fiberglass rod with a handle that was cork over very heavy cast iron. I have it in my head that it was '58 or '59 at the time......

Gosh, Marke..... I don't know....... First time Dad went to cast it he got such a bird's nest that I spent the rest of the day watching him try to untangle it! Dad could always be a bit anal......

A few years ago, when I took him fishing for the first time down in Florida, he got a big tangle in his spinning reel...... I watched him for a couple of minutes as he tried to untangle it and finally told him "Here, Dad, let me show you the easy way....." I took the reel, pulled out my knife, sliced off the offending snarl and handed it back to him...... "See! Wasn't that easy!"

I've got a tiny torpedo that belonged to my grandfather,.....i still use it!!...It's a plastic one, and probably no value other than "sentimental", but one of these days ol'Gramps is gona bring me a few Benjamins baby!! LOL

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