what a beautiful weekend

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Rod Kotarski

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Feb 26, 2001
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Went fishing for bluegills this weekend, had a ball. A Buddy and I caught our limits in less than an hour. Spent more time cleaning the fish than fishing for them. Boy the sure tasted great. Hope the fishing was good for you all also. Rod
You are sooooo right!!!
Its about time, too...
Got out fishing, no fish to speak of, but the warm sun and awesome TV-18 were about all the excitement I could stand this early in the season...
Got an email from a buddy in Northern Indiana...He caught and released a 6-2 this weekend...
Oh, to live in a state with no bass season...hahaha
keep on catchin'
Went fishing last weekend too. Caught 50 crappie on Friday, 30 crappie on Saturday. Went out this past Wednesday and boat partner and I got 29. Son-in-law west yesterday and got 15 big ones. I went again today and got 23, 3 under 10 inches and the rest over. Great weekends to be out, but I sure do hate fighting the wind. I am a stickler for boat control for I believe it helps catch more fish but the last couple of days put a hurt on that. Besides that, got some sun and got some fish. What more is there????
Sounds like you guys all had a great time. We are in that transition period now in NH (southern NH anyway) were there's to much ice for a boat but the ice isn't safe enough safe enough to walk on. I still had great time cleaning out my tackle boxes and getting ready for ice out.
Andy, I'm glad you like the TV18. I visited my dealer this weekend and I'm looking at about 1 1/2 weeks left before mine gets here.

Keep filling us in on all your success.


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