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Jon Jackoviak

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May 7, 2001
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I don't know if people are interested but what the hay!! Had my first tourney for the season and ended up 6th out of 30, 2 oz out of the money. That really sucked. This is my best start for the season since I started tournaments. Hope people don't mind but will keep everyone informed as the season goes by. Hope everyone else does the same, because it is interesting seeing how other people do.

Also a little side note. Very proud of my older brother. He fishes the MWT (Michigan Walleye Trail) and he had a tournament last weekend too, but this was the MWT and the PWT (Professional Walleye Trail). He ended up in 5th place out of 150 boats. He was very excited.

Everyone have a good day and good fishing!!!

Hey Jon,...congrat's to you and your brother,.....I had a great weekend too.......finished 8th out of 60 and cashed a check too. Let's hope all the NITRO's RULE the water's this year!!...Good luck and keep up the good work!!
Congrats to you and your brother Jon. Keep us up to date on your tourneys. Love reading about the success of everyone!
Way to go! I think my boat is defective and scares all the fish away! LOL!


Rich D
Keep up the work Jon. Sounds like Nitro/Tracker folks did well this weekend. I think Mac is right, this board will rule the season!
Jon, keep up the good fishin. Sounds like you will be in the money soon enough. Rip Some Lips! Rod
Thanks all for the vote of confidence! I will try and prove that those Nitro/Tracker guys (& women) know what the hell they are doing!!! LOL

And let me tell you....... I know from experience........ Those walleye sure are vicious, aggressive, fightin' critters!

Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark Mac! Don't listen to him Scott. You can fish with me next year, that way if everyone allows live bait.... you can catch the bait and I'll use it to help us win. LOL
You know Mac, one of these days, Scott is going to unleash on us and let us have it both barrels. Probably win lunker at the rally or something. Be careful he doesn't want a couple of private wagers before hand, I think he is holding out on us.
You bet he could!!..He's no different than the rest of us that live by the saying..."I'd rather be lucky, than good!"
hahahahaa...So very true!!
Hang in there Rob,...anyone who shows up to a tournament in a perch colored life vest is due to crack sometime!! That's when we'll strike!! LOL