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Parts For Sale Vintage Antique Mercury Kiekhaefer KF3 Comet 3.6 HP Outboard motor

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Apr 13, 2023
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Hamilton Ont
Hi all,

While I've been going through all of my late step-fathers things I found his very 1st outboard in the garage.

I don't have a ton of info on this yet other than its fairly rare sought after collectable. Its a 1950 production based on the SN.
I know it has not been started in a long time.. it has just been in storage for many years.

Info I do have:

Vintage Antique Mercury Kiekhaefer KF3 Comet 3.6 HP Outboard motor

General Information:

This model was painted "Mercury Green" and "Dull Aluminum."
Model & serial numbers were on the instruction plate riveted across the front of the fuel tank rim.
Serial numbers 358136 to 377048 are 1949 models.
414293 to 416792 are 1950 models.
Actual production had slightly different shaped underwater exhaust outlet.

Therefore at this time I'm hoping others may have more info and/or know of any collectors for this sort of item

The only info I could find re sale of these was that the last 2 that could be found before on ebay sold for 800+ USD back in 2012

Pic attached is NOT this exact motor.. it was one I just nabbed online to give a reference pic til I can get proper ones done this wkend!!

Its located in Hamilton Ont the same as his bass boat (which is also posted up here for a new home and I'm going to bet I'll end up with a listing for a pile of fishing equipment.. he had at least 20 diff rods plus a ton of other gear)
If wanted I don't mind shipping items and have many years exp packing such. However I have zero idea what it would cost to ship a motor like this so if thats needed I'll need to do some digging etc etc and get proper quotes accordingly.


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