Took the whole family out.

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Mike Watson

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Mar 1, 2000
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Hi all, I took the whole family out in the V-16 this weekend. My wife, my 14 year old son, my 18 month year old grandson and myself. It was my wife and grandson's first time in the boat. My wife gave it her seal of approval, a definite bonus.

This is why we bought the bigger boat and it worked like a charm. We moved the seats so that my wife and grandson could sit on the floor of the boat and have all the room they needed. My son had trolling motor and anchor duty and he found out that it is a lot more work than it looks. Ha! I just kept baiting hooks.

The boat performed perfectly. With quite a full load we still hit the low 30s with the 60hp. I remounted my speedo for the fishfinder and that works great now. Best of all, my grandson was introduced to his first fish. This is what it's all about. Hope all had a good weekend.

Congratulations Mike, that's awesome!!! Before you know it, we'll be reading about your grandson's first bass and his first time at TM and anchor

Hi Essox, The fishing was pretty good. We were out on Twin Lakes. We were pulling in bluegill and rock bass left and right for awhile. That is all we were trying for since we had the grandson with. We did see a guy return a really nice largemouth to the water. He said that was one of three he had caught like that. The launch ramp was crowded but everyone was patient. How did you do?

Fished Wisconsin River North/Upper Dells Quantity was not that great.. we usually boat many sublegal walleyes. BUT Quality was Good Weekend Results Managed 6 Walleyes 18-22 inches 1 3.5 lb Bass 1 8 lb northern and a 6 lb Catfish. Boat was fantastic. Was Very impressed with how long trolling motor battery lasted.

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