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Ken Wise

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Dec 20, 2000
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Ken had a friend go to the new BPS in St Charles,Mo to trade his 95 180 Nitro in on a NX882. They told him they didn't take trade below 96 models is this a dealers choose or is this Trackers policy. Now he may be going to Triton if the deal is right. Hope this is just a dealers choose if not it makes for bad trade in deals in the future.
Ken -

I sell over-the-road-trucks for a living. Once a truck is 6 years old, our sources will not extend financing; makes it difficult to resell the trade-in and the value we allow is effected considerably.

Perhaps BPS is in the same position and, rather than upset the customer with an almost non-existant trade-in value, simply suggests that the customer sell the boat outright.


It is the dealers choice, however at this time BPS does have constraints as to the age and the amount of used boats in inventory right now...going into the fall season, we don't want to carry alot of used product. It pretty much is individual dealer policy, and Scott is correct, there is a problem getting financing on older units.


BPS is in the business to sell product and make money...not turn away prospective customers by "copping out."

We all have worked for companies that have policies and procedures that need to be followed.


Other BPS stores may be in a better position to take trades than St. Charles, which just opened up...have your friend check around.
Thanks for the answer Iwas hoping it was that way.
Five years ago, when I bought my Nitro, I tried to trade-in an old Monark Bass Boat. I was told by the people at The Fishin' Hole that THEY didn't accept trade-ins on Nitro's because there wasn't enough mark-up to allow it.


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