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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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After reading my response to John's message below, I just want to say that after 3 months, my new Tracker is great. I don't have any regrets or complaints and thanks for doing a great job and building a great boat!

Rich D
Rich: After reading your response to John's problem I wasn't sure I wanted to read your comments under this heading but I am glad I did. It is always nice to hear the positive things about Tracker boats as well.
I really like my 901 too, and the 896 before that, and the several 190DC's and 2000 DC's before that!!! The problems I dealt with over the years are the same types of things that are common on every bass boat made by any other mfgr. I have never had a cracked hull or major cracking, transom or stringer problems, or anything that required my boats to be off the water or sent back to MO. I run my boats fairly hard, but I never beat on them.....I fish BIG water, and compete in a major circuit in my home state of Michigan. You build a fine product, and I'm proud to be a Nitro owner. Keep up the good work and when things get tough,...try to remember one of "Dilbert's Rules of Order"......."Eat one live toad in the morning,......and NOTHING worse will happen to you all day!"...LOL....Thanks folks and have a great weekend!!
Even though I haven't been able to spend much time in my boat yet,what time has been spent in it has been great. I love my new Pro-Deep V16. Everything works like it is supposed to and it handles and fishes great. Hope to be able to report the same thing after a years worth of use.

Same goes for me on my Pro Deep-V 16. I have had "zero" problems with it to date. Hope to be able to say this later down the road as well.

John K.
My 1997 Targa 18SC has been flawless. I fish Beaver lake in Arkansas all the time. I have towed other boats to shore and have been told twice by Ranger owners they wish they had a boat like mine to fish out of for better comfort on Beaver lake. It is a great boat. And yes, I still troll the bank for bass in a Deep-V.

Tight Lines
Love my 901......Loved the pro team 175 that I owned previous as well...Had a few minor problems, but nothing that has ever kept me off the water and any problem that I have had were taken care of by Tracker.. Get periodic calls from my dealer, just to ask how things are going, I can't ask for more than that....
After reading these post in response to my post yesterday I feel I should respond. I dont feel that my problems are 100% Trackers fault. As I admitted we made several mistakes. Never buy anything from a questionable dealer! Never buy a Dent&scratch/leak model! Even if you thank its a good deal and still under warranty! Our 3rd mistate I listed I wasnt expecting at all. I had always thought of Tracker as being a repectible boat company. A few things I know now is that I will never buy another Riveted boat again! except for maybe a johnboat. And I dont know if I'll ever buy another Tracker/Fisher/Anything Product again. The sad part about all this is that except for the problems we have had we like the boat. It rides great.It handles bigger water great for its size.The outboard we choose has ran great so far. (NOCK ON WOOD!)And its great to fish out of. I of course know that a person is likley to have some problems with anything they buy! My Biggest complaint is the SERVICE we received to correct our problem. Until E-MAIL REPLY today we never received a call or letter from Customer service asking if we were happy with our boat.When Tracker had the boat for repair I finally was told that the reason the repair was taking longer than was I was told it would be is because the Repair Department was shut down so they could "RIG BOATS FOR A BOAT SHOW"! What is that all about!Once they have a "CUSTOMERS MONEY" then they are pushed to the side for possible sales at a boat show! To me its all B.S.I feel sorry for anybody else thats had a problem with Tracker and I'm Happy for anybody who hasnt!I'm hoping this years trip to Lac Seul will be a boat friendly trip. The fishing I know will be GREAT!!! John Kerr.

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