The Big One that Didn't Get Away from Noah

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Jun 30, 2000
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Hey gang, here is my oldest Noah (4) and his big catch from Sunday. When we called mom from the boat to tell her Noah said "Mama, you don't have to cook dinner tonite - I caught a BIG fish and we'll have him for dinner!"

I did try to explain to Noah that we'd need a dozen or so more before we could feast, which did not happen. But some beer batter later and Noah had 6 fish nuggets for dinner.

That's my littlest Eli (20 months) looking on in AWE of his big brother's catch.

It's days like this that make it all worth while...

Hey, Noah! Congratulations on your catch! Susan Foster will be impressed!


(Trepster - For some reason, I'm not getting your picture to download.)
I've been having all kinds of problems posting, might be my new ISP. I'm trying the Pic again here and also here is the URL to the picture directly:
SWEET! Good job Noah, keep up the good work Dad!

Mike L. - Yes he did out fish me, but I wasent really concentrating on my fishing (That's my story and i'm sticking with it). He already has his own boat, it's a 10ft paddle boat we use in the neighboorhood pond. But, yes I can see a time when he hit's 16ish where he says "hey Dad, me and the guys are taking the Tracker to Lanier for some Striper fishing, can I borrow the wagon??"

By the way, check out that new Pro Seat and Pedestal, it works great and gives me a lot more manuverability on the front deck!

Rick - He is great at casting, though I still do it with real hooks right now. I also can't wait till we can do weekend T's together. I keep telling my wife that in the not too distant future she'll have her Sunday's free since me and the boy's will be off fishing each Sunday morning!

Way to go Noah, Looks like he is going to be the fisherman in that family..:eek:)

Great job.

Mike to me it looks like Eli is holding the live well open for his brother. Won't be long before you will have TWO fishermen to bait hooks for..