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Chris Leiting

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Feb 29, 2000
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I've had it with trackers customer service... 2 different dealers. 1. Renyoldson Marine in Polk City, Iowa, and 2. Bass pro outdoor world in Springfield, Missouri. Renyoldson said they would call back this afternoon that was 9am this morning... i have been waiting arround the phone ever since.... finally called back and they informed me that the parts person had the afternoon off, as far as Bass pro outdoor world, i dont know where to begin, they did glass repair under waranty on my boat 2 yrs ago... the stress crack reapeared in the EXACT same place, and now they are telling me i am out of waranty so basically i will end up paying for any repairs. I also am having the same issues with their parts department... except for they are trying to tell me that my trailer does not even exist according to their computer when they enter the VIN #. I know tracker corporate monitors the board and i would like a responce to these issues... you can reach me at 515-457-9870. Or if anyone else has any ideas im all ears.This is not the way to treat customers tracker, believe me... triton, Ranger or skeeter are in no way like this twords their customers...
Chris -

I saw your post earlier this afternoon. My first reaction was "Ain't no way I'm gonna get involved in this one......" But, after thinking about it for several hours, I changed my mind.

There are three issues here: 1) Parts service from your local dealer. 2) Warranty work performed by BPS / Tracker. And 3) Parts for your trailer. I don't have enough information to comment on the first and last; but I think I can on the warranty issue.........

I don't have a copy of Tracker's warranty to refer to, but I'm sure that it reads somehow to cover "defects in workmanship and materials for 5 years."

The stress crack initially appeared in your boat while it was in warranty. It was repaired. You, as a Marine Mechanic, apparently found that the hull was repaired to your satisfaction; that it was done properly. Tracker lived up to their obligations.

Now, your boat is no longer covered by the warranty. The crack is not reappearing because the initial repair was done improperly; although it may have reoccurred due to some other pre-existing defect or design flaw. In any case, Tracker has lived up to their obligations to cover any manufacturing mistakes made for 5 years.

In the case a couple of weeks ago, I took the stand I did because it was obvious that repairs had been done poorly or improperly right from the start. I see no indication of that here.

I'm sorry, Chris. I know this is not what you wanted or expected to hear - especially from me........ And I know how disappointed you must be - especially because this boat means so much to you....... And I would assume that the dollars needed to repair it are not overflowing from your pockets right now..............

I sincerely hope that you can find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Sorry, John......... But I just call them the way I see them. Hopefully, being fair to all........

I base my call on the time frame involved. The problem first appeared during the warranty period. It was repaired to the satisfaction of all parties. No additional complains were filed. The problem did not re-appear until after the warranty period was over. It was no longer covered.

Could Tracker step in and agree to go back and repair it again? Yes. But then they would also be faced with the problem of where to draw the line......... Again, they have to be fair to everyone. Treat everyone the same. And if they go back and fix something for Chris after the warranty is over - then they would have to do the same for many, many others......... It could be never-ending.

There was a time limit on the original warranty: 5 years. Corporations do this so that they will be able to prepare for their liabilities. They know that there may well be design, workmanship or material flaws that rear their ugly head after that period. We, as consumers, should also be aware of this and to be prepared - even if it means parting with the boat before the warranty period is over.


I think that with a hull problem that is fixed during warranty period the manufacturer should warrant that particular area repaired from defects for the full warranty period after the repair (example: 1998 boat area fixed in 2000 should be covered repair until 2005, the rest of the boat until 2003).

This would seem to be a fair compromise, and a way to keep customers.

Just my .02 (but it won't help Chris get his rig fixed now!)

Scott seems to be right to some extent. The actions required by the express warranty to be taken during the warranty period were taken. However, when the warranty work is done, most states either statutorily impose an express warranty on repair work or imply a warranty of suitability and workmanship for the repair work that was done. Your claim is probably not under the original warranty any longer, but on the repair work. You may want to look (or consult a local attorney) into any such warranties that might exist on the repairs. Good Luck!!

If BPS did not sell you the boat, they would have no record of your trailer on hand...they can only search Tracker's database on the internet...give me your trailer serial number and I will research it for you.
Bassin man i understand that stress cracks are part of every glass boat... however.... i know ( as i work for a triton dealer) That most companys will fix the stress cracks under the origional hull waranty and these cracks are not on the transom but on the gunnel where the console attaches to the top cap, To me ( and yes i've seen quite a few glass boats) it seams as though there is a crack where ever there is a color change on the top cap, this is also not the only boat of this color that i have seen this on, However im not sure why, could have just been a bad batch of gel coat. Ken, no i did not purchase my boat origionally from Bass Pro... and i understand they will not have a record of the VIN for the trailer, however, they told me if i gave them a VIN they would be able to get me prices on a trailer axle, this is when i gave them the VIN and was told that the trailer does not even exist,the VIN is as follows 41M13DF1XTB001053.
Let's vindicate Bass Pro in Springfield...if they did not sell the product, they can only search for VIN's on the internet with the numbers provided to them...

Chris, your trailer # begins with 4TM...not 41M..

It was warranty registered to Alvin in Des Moines in 1997.

The part # you need is 25827...the price is 653.48

It is a non-current part so availability may be questionable...let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Let's not make a blanket statement that an entire company "sucks" due to erroneous information or hearsay...there are two sides to every story.
By the way Chris...your knowledge on engine and tech issues here on the board has been extremely useful and helpful to ALOT of people...thank you for taking the time to help others....
Looks like i need to get ahold of county court house then it's listed on registration as 41M not 4TM, so the error may lie in their books,i apologize about jumping the gun there, i shouldn't have aired my complain so soon, but it was a spur of the moment thing and boy they made me angery.I didn't expect bass pro to keep track of SN's for all trackers, i was just giving them ( in the parts department) the information as listed on my trailer registration. I do apreciate your help ken... now the problem is availability.... sounds just like mercury, everything 80 and prior is NLA. Anyone know of a company that will custom build an axle? I would go through champion trailer but.... they will only build a 1/4" drop.....

I understand your frustration....I did some more research on your behalf and the axle shows available with a ship time of 21 days...

The actual part description is:

AXLE, DROP 10" BRK:78SC 2000

If this is the correct part description, go to BPS and give them the part number along with your trailer VIN.

They can pull up all available parts with descriptions in case you need other things to go with it.

If you prefer not to go there, I can help you out here but the shipping would probably be pretty expensive.

Let me know....
Chris -

I would also like to echo Ken's earlier statements.........

Your knowledge of marine mechanics has been invaluable to those of us on this board.

And you put in tremendous effort earlier in the year to bring about the 1st Annual Nitro Owners Rallye.

Thanks, Chris! Thank you very much!

Hey, Bassinman!

THANKS for the explanation! I, for one, have never actually been to a boat plant and have wondered for ages whether the gel coat was put on in the mold or was sprayed on like paint afterward. Now, I know!

Rich -

With Bassinman's permission.......... Maybe you could post this explanation of "tape lines" in the grab bag? (Uh...... Editing the bit about past mistakes, of course!)

One final thought, Chris..........

You did something earlier that very, very few people have the guts to do - you apologized for jumping the gun.

You've got my respect!

These are defintally cracks and chips, not tape lines... John foster has seen them along with anyone else who saw my boat at the rally, i know there is nothing anyone can do about these cracks... i just think it's sad that tracker wont stand behind their work that do under waranty.
I had a bad experience with trailer parts myself.. I brought my boat to Bass Pro to show the guys EXACTLY What I wanted so there would be no confusion. I was looking for new Leaf Spring Hardware including Shackles AND New Nuts and Bolts. Just wanted to freshen up my trailer for a upcoming Long Trip.. One week they told me, parts are easy to get. I told them I would be back in two weeks. I show up and They searched and searched and I had to present my claim tag cause they were clueless... No record, no phone call, and no parts!!! I was fuming. AS it turns out I had to call Missouri Myself just to find out what was going on. The trailer is a '93 and they would have to cross reference parts to a new trailer. Must have been the reason I did not get my parts... To Much Trouble. How bout a phone call from a parts guy? Never got one!! Tried to have a manager call me back, No dice? Too much trouble I guess. I have been to This location 3 times and witnessed angry customers and a completely disorganized service counter and staff. My friends (also tracker owners) have experienced tedious problems at this location too.. Eventually I will be purchasing a new boat, Yes I like trackers, but this close service facility has turned me completely against my reasons for a local convienent purchase. Sorry Gurnee Illinois Bass Pro, You have lost a customer. Oh yeah I am looking for my parts elsewhere.

Let me know if I can be of any help on your parts issues...

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