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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hi y'all!

Been on vacation and finally got the boat out for a while. Been sitting for the last couple of months due to that voluntary mandatory overtime at work. Engine fired up first time and we ran out a tank in no time. Got some fishing in but nothing really big to talk about. I have read back messages and is Scott really going to pull a pro out at the toury in a chevette? Hopefully it's a convertable so we will recognize him on TV with his perch colored vest!

Also, just a friend from Phoenix had her bobber, yes boober...with a the water as I trolled across the lake. And lo and behold...she goes Barb I think I got something. So, I stopped and yes she did. An 18" largemouth. Not bad for a bobber!!!

Miss you guys and how are the gas prices in Missouri?


PS Who posted a while back losing the Datsun in the lake? I think they should pull a boat out!! LOL
Hey Barb,

Good to see you back, I'm glad to boat ran well.

You have to check out my post on 7/22 entitled "Outfished Again" I have a picture of a bass that Brandyn caught on a worm and bobber. Isn't it amazing, I must have thrown $300 worth of baits all weekend and Brandyn hooks a monster on a Night Crawler.

I should just quit fishing and work on lowering my golf handi-cap....LOL

Hey, Barb! Welcome home! Where did you go?

They won't let me do the convertible bit - the glare off the top of my head throws the cameras' light adjustment all outta wack.

Major lure manufacturers who sponsor the tournament have banned my life vest as unpaid advertising and competition.

Gas prices here in Missouri have started to go back up. Rats! Now, what am I gonna do with all this champagne, hershey's and strawberries?

And, yes, that was my old friend Ken and I who lost his PRIZED DATSUN 240Z! (And, honest to God, that was a TRUE story!) It was in the Mississippi River - kinda like the Chicago River, only larger!

Now, how come you didn't swing by here and go fishin' with me? Heck, I wouldn't be stuck with all these strawberries!

AND, you coulda met "Winnie"! My new 7 week old puppy! She's 3/4 minature daschund and 1/4 terrier of some sort! Weighs right at 2 pounds! And, like ALL womyn - she's a lotta fun; but can be VERY difficult to keep in line!