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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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I want to purchase a rod and reel for getting bass out of the thick weed area. I have decided on a Heavy rod with a fast action. What I'm not sure of is what type of reel, do I want one with a higher or lower gear ratio ? I fish with Shimano reels. Which one should I purchase for that type of fishing. Thanks........
Not sure on the Shimano, I use Daiwa and Quantums myself, but for tuggin' use a low gear ratio. You won't have the retrieve speed, but as you said, that's not your intention. It's the same as a tranny in a truck. Want to pull hard...down shift. But I would use a pretty stout rod, be careful with a fast tip. Personally, I would opt for a med to heavy action in the weeds. Hope I helped. Just my opinion.

Hey Guys,

I bought a Quantum MG1310 with a 3.8:1 for soft plastics in heavy cover because I wanted a nice slow presentation. Then a pro once told me (I think his name was "Mac" or something) that you use your ROD to pull the fish out of weeds and a high gear ratio to reel your line up fast before the fish can dive back into them. Pull with the rod, retrieve line, pull with the rod and so on.

This is my first reel with such a low ratio and I can really notice the differnce. Any time a fish turns or comes toward me, I can't seem to keep enough tension on the line because I can't bring in slack fast enough. I've decided to use this real for crank baits in deep water only.

I now use higher in weedy areas. For a slow presentation I just work the rod tip.

Good luck,

Buzz, I think the Shimano fan club would say Curado B5. I can't fault that choice. But I tend to think of Curado as a reel for maximum casting performance, rather than cranking performance.

With the exception of baits under 3/8 ounce, my preference would be Corsair 200A (right handed) or Corsair 301A (left handed). The Corsairs got a bad rap with the quality of the original series, but I'm a fan of "A" version Corsairs. I used the 301A and 401A extensively for heavy/deep crankbaits and was always very satisfied with them. I also used the 401A as my second trolling reel for Striper. It can hold a lot of heavy line, has a bait clicker, yet still casts very well with lures in the 1/2 ounce range.

You can also break open the piggy bank and go for the Calais or Calcutta, both are available in low gear ratios.
I'll agree with Mac (God! I hate it when I have to do that!), Marke and Adam.........

Pull and fight with the rod; use the reel to take up line.

And make sure the reel has a smooth drag for when the fish has other ideas!


When I`m fishing thick weeds, I`ll usually be flippin` so my reel choice is the Shimano Castaic. I also use Quantum and Spidercast (quite the assortment) but for `winching hawgs out of slop that`s what I use. Funny, but I use my cheapest rod for this also. The Heavy Compre is just big and strong and for pulling big fish out of weeds, I find I don`t need to have a sensitive rod, I just rely on the line. I use power pro 50lbs test and feel the `tick`then set. I might change to a better rod when the wind blows though.

my .02!

You know I learn something everyday on this board. Usually it's useless information LOL but I will try the fast ratio rather than low. But as everyone said and I agree that rod is everything. And Pierre, the Compre is a great value for the buck. I have 2. Caught my 8.5lber on one. And I think they're just about as sensitive as a $100 rod. So don't be ashammed of the fact that you're cheap like me LOL

Buzz, Go with the Castaic, you won't go wrong.
Hi-speed reels (6.3:1) are the best choice for fishing heavy cover no doubt,...don't give those fish any more chances to dig deep and bury themselves.....2-3 cranks with that hi-speed reel and they are up and out of there!!! Save the cranking reels for cranking and for spinnerbaits, lipless cranks etc...when you're going after "Walter", use your hi-speed reels and a med/hvy to heavy stick..."Walter" will laugh at the wimpy stuff!! Good luck and tight lines!!

Thanks for all the information. No wonder I really enjoy this site. It's all the honest information that one is willing to share for the love of the sport..

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