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Mar 8, 2023
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Okc, OK
I finally got my 2003 Nitro NX 882 back from the shop who had it since June 1st and my right leaf springs broke on my single axle, trailstar trailer about halfway to the Lake of the Ozarks. I ended up taking off the wheel well and drove carefully the rest of the way, but was curious if anyone knew what size I need to replace it with? It's a double eye, 3 leaf, and the unbroken one measures 26", eye to eye, with no boat on the trailer, but I have heard they can flatten out over time and that I may need a shorter one(like a 25.25").

I called tracker and they asked for a part number which I couldn't find on the piece, so they said they couldn't help me without it and told me to call a dealership which I thought was a little crazy. Anyone ever replace theirs or can point me in the right direction? it looks like I'm going to have to purchase online so I'd rather not get the wrong part, so any help will be appreciated, looks like a simple fix once I get the part in, I am thinking I should probably go ahead and replace both but wasn't sure if that was a necessity or not.

Here's an update if anyone else runs into this issue I ended up replacing with 25.25" 3 leaf springs rated for 2000lbs per side. It originally measure 26" eye to eye without the boat on it but that was due to them being old and stretched out over time. Got them at etrailer for about $40/piece. I was able to change them out myself but it was not very fun in this Oklahoma heat, the high was 102 today!
Must have hit a big pot hole to break all three. Have ordered parts thru etrailer with no problems and way less expensive than the dealerships.
yeah they were pretty rusted, i am assuming they are 20 years old and came with the boat I was lucky it broke right down the middle inbetween the ubolts. I am glad to have the new ones on there. Yeah the shipping was fast and free through etrailer so that was nice.

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