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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Thanks for the input in the past. As you are aware, my goal is to make state team, pick up some sponsors, and eventually go pro. I am very determined to do this, and I believe that I do have what it takes. I have tried to talk to a couple of guys locally that are in a position such as yourself. They seem reluctant to give me details. I am not sure if they see me as a threat or if there may be another reason I am unaware of. I would really like the opportunity to talk to you real time, if possible. I am sure it will be long distance but here is my number, (518) 561-2359. I know some folks are uneasy about giving out their #'s but I can call you back so you won't have to pay for the charges. to be frank, I am tired of working for big corporations, and would like to take my fishing career full time. I am willing to do nearly anything to speed the process up. Thanks for your time.
I know what you mean. I don't necessarily what to get on the state team right away, but someday would like to fish on the state team here in Michigan. Just want to start slow and get familiar with the circuit first. The biggest question that I always have is how does a person get sponsorships. And it seems like no one will answer that question. If you get any information I hope that you would share some with me too.

I would like that answerd myself if you find out let me know to ......bob
The State Team program is adealer level program. All you have to do is inquire to your local dealer about it. There are several advantages to it and it is available from every dealer. Please be aware that there are responsibilities involved, mainly with a time committment to work boat shows.

Tracker is a great company to be involved with and I can say that Mac and I are extremely proud to be associated with Nitro/Tracker/Mercury and Bass Pro Shops. We feel that we have raised the bar for others that are on the State Team program.

As far as getting rich in this sport, you will probably be better off selling products to the industry or representing products to retailers. It is VERY difficult to make a living fishing. I can tell you horror stories about guys that have racked up bills high enough to buy houses....

The state teams are essentially the same for all manufacturers. They are sponsored by the dealers through discounts on boats, equipment, and accessories. In a lot of cases, dealers will also help out some in tournament entry fees and such.

To be brutally honest, most dealers see state teams as necessary evils. To get on a team such as that, it's mostly a matter of making your face known at your local dealership. Then, when you are ready for your next boat purchase, you ask the dealer about buying through the discount program. Generally, as Mini says, there are a very few responsibilities that go with the deal. One of them is boat show participation. It may be as simple as volunteering to pull boats to and from the shows. However, if possible, it should include working the shows themselves to the extent possible. Which brings us to the next phase of development: Sponsorships!

How does one go about getting them? Simple, you have to ask for them. You have to get them the same way you get a new job. You develop a resume with you best traits on it and a VERY SMALL accomplishment section. Keep in mind that the potential sponsor is unconcerned with how many local tournaments you've won. What matters to the sponsor is whether or not you can sell his product. Will you be a good spokesperson for his company? Are you a good salesperson? The first test is selling the sponsor on yourself. Don't be afraid to go directly to a potential sponsor, in person, and make your pitch. Don't assume that all potential sponsors must have a vested interest in fishing. It is not necessary to sell a sponsor on how great you think their product is. It's only necessary to sell them on how great a spokesperson you would be for their company.

Do not expect sponsors to just give your their product for free for your efforts. There are differing levels of sponsorship, with the most common being the tackle or equipment sponsor who gives you their product at a steep discount. It is an escalating program from there.

And the list goes on. It's really just a matter of selling yourself (and for some, their soul) to the potential sponsors out there. If you can do that, then sponsorship is relatively easy.

Now, if you can catch fish in a dry hole, then maybe you'll make it somewhere.

Good luck.

Thanks Mac,
I appreciate the encouraging words. I would like to set the record straight. I appreciate all the great input from everbody, but with all due respect, I really don't want to hear about the 999 ways or reasons it's hard or can't be done. I personally don't accept failure. It's not an option I have the luxury to afford. I am the guy that will focus on that 1 out of 1000 chances until I make it. The other 999 can stay weekend anglers. Nothing against that, it has been great for me up to now, but since I was able to really know what I wanted for my life, it was to follow in the footsteps of the greats.... Johnny Morris, Bill Dance, Hank Parker, Jimmy, Orlando, and the bunch. For the record Mac, I have an impressive resume in sales and marketing, so being able to sell a sponsors product will not be a problem. I ask some of these questions to try to learn from the paths' others have taken. As Henry Ford said, "I am not a smart man. I just surround myself with genuises!". I know I have to pay my dues, but if I can learn something from the experience of others to help speed my way to my goals, then I don't see that as a bad thing. My whole life I have taken on the challenge when somebody said, "You can't do it.". I heard a saying once, "He who says it can't be done, should get out of the way of he who is about to do it!". Ladies you can plug is she, that's just the saying I heard. Sorry to go on and on guys, but it seems lately that I am getting close to taking a big step in this direction. I think that I needed to convince me more than anyone else. So remember my name, because you will hear it again. My message will be to that 14 or 15 year old kid watching and dreaming, I'll say, "Never ever quit, and you can make it!". The saying "One more cast.", means a lot more than it implies.
And Jim..... I can catch fish in a dry hole. :)
Thanks guys,
For Jon and Bob,
Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. If keep putting yourself in the right place, eventually, it WILL be the right time.
That's cool Rob, sound like you're willing to do what it takes to succeed, you're confident and willing to learn and listen!
People with those traits can't help but win in the long run, because we won't let ourselves fail!! As you mentioned, is NOT an option!! Best of luck and I'm glad to help you and anyone else who ever asks. I'll never forget what an outdoor writer once told me a few years ago. I met him at an outdoor fair and I knew he was widely known in the midwest....and he deserved my respect or so I thought. I was dabbling in writing at the time along with my cartooning and I asked him if he'd be willing to offer any advice that I could use to gain experience and help me with my writing. He said,...and I quote,.."Hell no I'm not going to help you!!..Nobody ever helped me!! Why should I help YOU??!!" I looked at him and without even blinking an eye I said,.."You really should get those hemmeroids treated!!" From that point on I have NEVER read another of his articles nor will I purchase a magazine that publishes his articles!! When I make it BIG someday, I want people to think of me as a good guy who made a contribution to the sport and is more than willing to give back and to help others,...I don't want to be remembered as a "Hemmie"..LOL...Keep up the good work Rob,'ll do just fine!! Best Fishes Bud..
One final note to the comments by Mini, Jim and Mac from aas old salesman of 30 years......


Don't think you can get the job done by simply posting your resume on the internet or registering with some service. IT WILL NOT WORK. You've got to invest your own swet and blood - lots of it. The manufacturers want to seehow YOU will relate to THEIR customers, how YOU perform under adverse circumstances, if YOU are going to be consistant and if YOU are going to perservere......

You will be fighting from the trenches.