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Jul 29, 2021
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Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to this boat! First time ever owning an Outboard boat and first time owning a "fishing" boat. So, below I have several questions I would love to get help figuring out.

#1. There are 5 switches behind the steering wheel, 3 to the left, 2 to the right. Labels are gone and I have no idea what each one does. Anyone have a picture of diagram of these switches? I have googled but with no luck. Figured out the far right switch is the back live well pump. The only switch I can get to work......

#2. There are 2 battery cable connections on the back left section of the boat, I assume both of these are for the trolling motor which has a 12v and 24v mode. The Red/Black wires will power the trolling motor, the Orange/Black do not when connected by themselves to 1 battery. I assume if I wanted 2 batteries the second battery would be connected to the Orange/Black set of wires? Do those batteries power anything else?

#3. Sticking with the trolling motor/ Motor Guide Tracker 60. The foot control does not move, there is a smaller white tab off the right side of the foot control that will power the motor. The foot control looks like it should be able to be pushed down, but it is not moving and I don't want to break it! Is there a safety switch someplace I am missing?

#4. Live well drains. So at the back bottom by the drain there are 4 other items I need to know what is what. The far left one has a plastic screen and I assume this is the intake for the live wells. The other 3 holes the previous owner siliconed closed, it looks like 2 are drains for the live wells as I can see tubes running to them, the 3rd I don't know. Can someone tell me which hole is which?!!

#5. This is my biggest problem and I will probably post it in the electrical forum, but I have no power to the front or back lights, radio/depth-fishfinder or horn. With a battery hooked up no switch will turn on either light, nor will the depthfinder or radio power on. Fuse? Ground?

Thanks to any an all for any help you might be able to give me!

Pictures of mystery switches below!


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Have a 2008 189 sport amd will try to answer what I can. Forgive typing errors as I'm doing this on my phone.

1) my dash has 6 toggle switches. 3 on each side. Port side from far left facing front is master power switch, the. Lights (mine is a 3 way switc, up is nav lights, down is anchor, and middle is of) then bilge pump switch.

Right from put to in is live well fill, then a 3 way switch with live well recirculate being up amd pump out being down, then an accessory switch

2) I only have one set of wires in the back left and have a motorguide pro 46.. no help here..

3) my foot control has a pin below the red selector switch I can drive out amd remove the top of the foot pedal. I don't have any white switches.

4) my live well is divided in two with a plastic divider. The drain is in the bottom right side facing the back and mine needs a manual drain plug to hold water. On the far left top side facing back is the recirculation pump and the hole immediately right is overflow I think

5) my light fuse is the 5a at the top of the fuse panel. It sounds like something is grounding under your front deck where everything comes together like mine does. If not try flipping thr for left toggle switch which is the main on mine and see if that helps. BTW... flipping my main toggle switch has no effect on anything. At all.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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