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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey man, can we get started on that site you mentioned. Now be warned, this post and my e-mail is the extent of my computer knowledge, so I'm banking on you to hold us up on this one. LOL Let me know what you need. And when are you coming down to "scout" the prospected water? Bring your wife, that way you can stay longer, LOL

i will have some time to get this up this week, but I'm away next week. Send me addresses and motel nems numbers and such and I will build something nice. You can email me at this address: [email protected]

not sure when i'll make it up...probably mid-sept...too many tournaments! But I will be there.

i can also post a form for people to fill out which adds them to the list of people attending the rally.

i could also make a payout schedual and prize list and such...just send me what you have and i'll create it and send a link to rich.


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