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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Well, the writing is on the wall. Our company is selling off divisions and foaming at the mouth for new BIG sales. Can you say, "Chapter 11"? The last company I left to come here, went bust 1 week after I predicted it and left. I have studied finances and business for too long not to realize what is happening. The sad part is that everyone else is still in denial. I only work here for income in the off season. Plus my other business is doing well, so I had already planned on retiring in the next 3 years anyhow. So I'm not to worried. I do still need something in between, so I guess I'll have to dust off the old resume whild ESPN and Ranger are here for the FLW! I would love the represent Ranger as a field rep. What a job that would be. And I might even get paid too! Just thought I would share. Have fun folks, and remember in the new millenium, there is NO such thing as job security. Read the papers and mags, it's everywhere. Diversify!

Well, just got pulled in for a quick sales analysis and year end projection. We committed to 8 million. Very achievable. Bottom line....ONCE AGAIN, plant's future is on our shoulders. Well somebody has to save the world! LOL For all you folks out there that rip on people in sales....we make the world go round! Might be a little off orbit LOL but we still get it to rotate!


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