Off to Canada for a fishin Trip!

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Rod Kotarski

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Feb 26, 2001
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Finally, the trip off a life time in near, I leave Thursday for 10 days for Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Can't hardly stand the wait. Not looking forward to the drive, 24 hours one way. But the fishing is nothing but phenomenal. Hope to have some PICS and stories to tell soon. Rip Some Lips, Rod

Have a great trip. I go up to Lake Nippissing, Ontario every couple of years and absolutely love it! There can be no better way to spend a vacation then spending 6 days in a boat fishing.

Rich D
Don't forget the DEET!!...The blackflies will eat you alive!!! Have fun man...take lotsa pixs!
Rod - You lucky dog! I've still got 3 months till I head for our everyother year trip to Western Ontario (north of Lake of the Woods) in September.

What you fishing for? Pike, 'Eye's, Smallie, Lake Trout???

I'll trade you - you work for me and I'll Fish for you LOL

Have a great and safe trip - Look forward to the fishing report!!!


Have Fun Rod! Bring a lap top so we can have daily

Maybe you can post some contact info and accomidations when you get back. I'll be shopping around for a dream trip soon. I've always wanted to go to Alaska, but Canada is probably cheaper.

Tight Lines,

I also have a trip in about 9 days. We have a 18 hour drive to Nakina and then fly out from there. One week of pure fishing. Daylight starts at about 5:00 to 5:30 and get dark around 11:00. Makes for a long but glorious week of fishing. Look forward to it each and every year!!

I live in Canada, and I hope you have a great trip, and you catch all bigguns. Believe it or not, the blackflies and muskeets are down this year due to lack of rain in the spring. But you may need a jacket yet...LOL

Good Luck