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Gene McCarthy

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May 1, 2001
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I've been reading the site for some time and wanted to say hello now that I've joined.I feel like I know many of you and like what I've seen.Rich, nice site and very well done.Took delivery of my PT165 last week and have been out twice.Love my rig.Just installed charger(Guest)and fins.On board chargers are the best thing since outboard motors! Should be standard equipment on every boat with a battery.Barb I posted a reply to your post about the wet storage area in your 165. Hope it helps. Again I've enjoyed reading the posts and I appreciate the information that helped me decide my purchase.
Gene -

You've been out twice in your boat and you've posted here twice....... You have now met ALL the prerequisites - you are now a "Seasoned Veteran"!


Thanks Gene,
I never have gotten any water out after I have pulled the plug out, and battery compartment always dry. Must be fishing gremlins or something! I'll try and monitor it better and will let you know if I find anything. I love my PT165 and look forward to every minute I spend on it.
Go rip more lips Gene!
Wait 'til you see the fuzzy dice on my trolling motor! Trep Man kids do collect the darndest things don't they? Shame adults can't be satisfied as easily.