I think my boat is in.... An idea for some fun..

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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Everyone,
I came home from work and there was a message from my tracker dealer and all he said was "Call me". I think the only thing he possibly has to say to me is "Your boat is here."
I tried to call and they were closed already. I need you guys to keep for fingers crossed for me.

The board was kind of slow this weekend and now I know why, YOU WERE ALL CATCHING FISH!!!! That ROCKS... We need more pics though..

Let's start a pool and see if anyone can catch a fish smaller than Scott's Walleye. Maybe we can all mail Rich $5.00 to enter, then we post photos of our "Monsters" and the one with the smallest fish by the end of September can win a BPS gift certificate. Well, just an idea that might be fun.

Tight lines everyone,

Hey Marke, neat idea, I think I could be a contender for that kind of contest. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the new boat being in. Did you buy it from USA Marine?

Ok, everything is all cleaned, (not waxed yet) tuned and ready to go. One way or another I will be putting in on the Concord river tomorrow for the first time this year...Yippie!!

OK!!!!! If Rich agrees, I'll send my 5 bux!

But clear up a coupla things first, Marke....... How long is this contest gonna last? If no one catches a SMALLER fish on a lure (artificial of course) EQUAL TO OR GREATER IN SIZE than my 7" worm - do I win?????

You gals / guys don't stand a chance!

Don't start countin' your Lincoln's yet Rockafeller,......we snag 3-4" Gobies on 5" tubes all the time!! You can all just send your $$ directly to "Mini"...LOL
Well I called my dealer back. IT'S HERE!!!!!! IT FINALLY CAME IN FROM MISSOURI!!!!! I CAN PICK IT UP NEXT WEDNESDAY (5/9)!!!!!!!! OK, Cicero...breath.....

I am so pumped. I can pick it up at Marine USA in Milford, NH at noon. I already told my boss I'm woking a 1/2 day. Now I have to figure out were to go. Should I actually going fishing or just parade around town with it on the back of my truck.

I think a Wednesday afternoon is the perfect time to go to a launch and load and un-load a few times, there shouldn't be any one there. I own a utility trailer so backing is no problem.

I'll never be able to sleep this week. I'm going to the dealer on Saturday to take pictures of it wrapped up. I don't know why, I just want to. Maybe I'll video tape the rigging and post an .avi or .mpeg to the grab bag...lol