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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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O.K. this one is going to get deep but here goes. What is the most consecutive fish/casts caught? Aside from perch, last year while experimenting with drop shotting on a massive school of smallies, I caught 23 smallies in 25 casts. Yeah I know, CONSECUTIVE I said but I wasn't going to lie and that is the best I've ever done to my memory.
P.S..... Scott, nothing under 4" counts, that's bait where I come from LOL!
I'd be happy with one in a row!!! Actually I would guess, on bass, maybe four. In saltwater when the feed is on as long as your arm holds up.
Do 5 large bluegills and 1 bass on the same live worm count? They were bigger than 4 inches. :eek:)
11 Northerns on 11 Casts... was pitching a small jig/twister below some rapids at a feeder creek. Not big, just fun.

Last Thursday I caught 2 Smallmouth Bass on the same Lure at the same time. Was using a Shad Rap. Love those Smallies!!!
Since you didn't specify salt or fresh water, I will put in for my 50 Cod in 28 consecutive casts/drops. Two baited hooks on a steel leader pulls up 2 fish every time in the Puget Sound Bay. The only time I didn't get 2 was when a shark would beat me to the fish. The limit was 50 cod per person, so I was all done for the day. I was glad the frenzy was over because I my arms felt like rubber the rest of the day.

Off the coast of Virginia Beach I pulled 10 Rock Bass consecutively, some call them Black Bass in 10 casts/drops. The rest of the day I was sea sick so I was all done. LOL

As for bass, 2 is my best consecutively. :)
I'll never forget the day I caught 5 in a row on a buzzbait. It was december, air temp was 35 degrees, water
temp was 52 degrees and it was spitting snow. Those fish were in a ditch, in the back of a creek and in 2 feet of water. They were all 2 to 3 pound fish. I know that's the most I've ever caught on consecutive casts.
2 days come to mind. I caught seven 1-2 lb bass in 6 casts fishing a small weeded inlet (from shore!) And another time, fishing with my brother, I caught 5 smallmouth bass in 5 casts and he caught 5 walleye in five casts. We were fishing from the same boat, casting to the same point. I was using an eighth oz. jig swimming above weeds and he was using a quarter oz. jig hopping along bottom.

Rich D
My best was 6 largemouth in 6 casts, all on a spinnerbait. Talk about getting the blood flowing!
The year was 1978. For my high school graduation present, my parents let me take a one week fishing trip, by myself, to Lake Eufaula, Alabama in the ole 1973 Buick Electra 225 pulling a 1973 Fabuglas Bassboat with a 60 hp Evinrude. On the second day there, in 1 and 1/2 hours I caught 120 largemouth with 5 fish in 5 consecutive casts SIX different times, using a Tom Mann's Little George. Had to quit from exhaustion, but what a time it was!!! Oh, for the good ole days!!!
December 18th 1984, Sam Rayburn I caught 42 bass in 42 casts on a Bagley small fry crankbait. Everyone else was hunting and I had the lake to myself. 4 days of warm weather and no wind. Lake looked like a huge mirror, I was running in the midlake area and saw what appeared to be a white tornado off a point in a bay. As I got closer I could tell that it was seagulls feeding on shad. What followed was the most fantastic fishing that I've ever seen. That 1st day I caught fish fron 1 to 6 lbs. constantly from around noon till dark andrepeated it for the next 3 days. I may have caught more fish consecutively on Lake Guerrero, but if so it wasn't as memorable...Cmack
Well folks, I've long wanted to try saltwater and now I'm sure I have to. Plus you have to figure that what we call a nice fish is bait out there. I think I'm going to swap a trip with a guy in Mass. I've heard a lot about bluefish. Hafta try right?
Rob, The stripers are running up the rivers now, it's unbelievable right now. The lower end of the Merrimack river from Lawrence, Ma (15 mins from me) to the ocean is hopping with them. Now is the time!


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