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Fishing In Mexico

Thread in 'Fishing' started by dougiemac, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. dougiemac

    dougiemac Guest

    So I'm heading to Mexico for some R&R soon. I've been to Mexico more times than I can count... maybe up to visit #20? Anyway, I've visited both sides of the country on the coast, and although I have visited the Riviera Maya more than the Baja Peninsula, I've only fished the Baja (caught a 120 lb Marlin in Cabo over Christmas break).

    My question, is there any good fishing off the Riviera Mayan coast (in the southern Gulf) this time of the year? If so, what can I expect? I don't want to drop $200-$300 for off shore fishing and it be a bust, ya know?

  2. Greg Meyer

    Greg Meyer Well-Known Member

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    Sep 27, 2001
    A few words...hurricane season? We had nine local firmen stranded there for six days little food or water. 10 years ago my sister was trapped when hurricane damaged her hotel and she spent five days in a school building no running water (or toilets) and little food sleeping on two kiddie chairs.... I don't do Mexico or other 3rd world countries.... I have heard too many tales of woah.
  3. AirForce

    AirForce Well-Known Member

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Smyrna TN
    I wouldn't give a frickin dime to a country illegally holding a marine while flooding our country with illegals. I'd rather just create a 100 mile buffer zone through carpet bombing them and close the borders.
  4. dougiemac

    dougiemac Guest

    We have a place down there that we visit some friends that moved down there a few years back... a former marine and LEO buddy of mine that retired from being a detective and sold everything, moved there with his wife and started a B&B. And I'm mad as hell about our Marine that is being held there, but I'm not upset at Mexico, my anger is with Obama and the current administration for not doing anything and attempting to get him out. And if I refused to go anywhere that had crime, injustice, violence and evil, I'd stay in my house and never go outside.

    Anyway, I spent the week drinking cold beer and sitting on a beach watch the sun rise and set on my troubles for the week. I came back tanned, refreshed and renewed for the next few months of work and holidays. I had the opportunity to go fishing relatively cheap, $350 for two people (my wife and I) for 4 hours. Since I'd have to get up at 5:30a to make it to the dock and push out by 7a, I opt'd to sleep in a little and have breakfast on the beach.
  5. rbstern

    rbstern Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Sounds good. Did you catch fish?
  6. dougiemac

    dougiemac Guest

    I did not... I found a good deal on fishing, but the days that we had free, the waters were terribly choppy. So we fore goed it. :(

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