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Larry Williams

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Sep 22, 2017
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Baton Rouge, LA
I'm curious about what others are doing around the country relarted to the use of lines and leaders for bass fishing?

A few years back, I began to experiment with braid line and flouro leaders on both my casting and spinning equipment. I learned to tie the FG knot to attach leaders of mono or flouro to braid main lines. This is now working very well for me. I have found some really good 9 stranded braid lines in the 15 -20lb class that I like alot. There are three brands straight from factories in China that are inexpensive and super slick- I'm not finding any flaws so far and my casting distance is now far better than ever. The three Brands are JOF, Seaknight ,and Angryfish. Seaknight S9, is the smoothest to the point of not even being able to recognize it as a braided line by touch. Zero noise and the least friction possible. THe price is in the range of $13 to $25 for 500M spools. I order these directly form China on but you can get them, for a little more money, off Amazon.
I've been use the bright yellow briad in order see it well under any conditions and BPS flourocabon leaders in 10 to 14 pound test for what I do. As far as I can tell, I haven't lost a fish because of the FG knot tie to connect the leaders. This knot can be pulled completely into any reel and cast out with no snagging or cast interference allowing the use of long leader lines if desired. I re-tie leaders often to stay in good form on the FG knot- you have to be really careful with tying it. Also let me add that I have learned not to use micro guide rods for this setup- you just can't make the line knot flow smoothly through those tiny guides no matter how you try. These set ups make me able to be comfortable using really expensive flourcarborn line. you use very little over time even if you replace leaders on a very regular basis and the braid just don't get bad. These ones I've metioned here hold thier color extemely well too.
Again, I'm curious to know about others experinces with lines and leaders- What are you all doing these days for bass fishing?


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