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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you all know that got my first bass of the season on Sat with my nephew on the new boat. Air temp was about 45 degrees and raining slightly. The bass were small, but they were bass! Love the boat, just have to figure out the livewell yet. What does auto mean under the switch for the livewell on the dash?

Hope your snow is melting in the East :)

Hi Barb,....congrats on the 1st fish of the year!!.....The "Auto" setting will automatically fill and re-fill your livewell.
If you take off and some water runs out through the overflow valve, it will automatically re-fill your livewell after you get off plane and start fishing again. It's the "no-brainer" setting.......turn it on and forget about it!! LOL
Use that setting all the time and you'll be fine,.....have a great year!!
Tight lines,
Barb, great! And to have your nephew along when christening the new boat is even better.

Regarding the livewell switch: It should toggle both up and down. Up ("On") is usually for constant water flow from the pump, and down ("Auto") cycles the pump on and off every couple of minutes...sorry, I don't recall the time between the on/off cycles. The auto feature is a great convenience. You don't have to think about it when you've got fish in there. Just turn it to Auto and keep trying to add fish to the collection.
Barb, Mac, are we talking about the electrical power switch or the mechanical switch that controls the plumbing valve?
That's great Barb. I'm looking forward to my first of the year too. Usually on Easter, but looks like it might be a little later this year. I went by the launch on my lunch today. 8 ft bank of snow RIGHT in the way. Plus there is still a good 8"-10" of ice left on the lake. Think warm thoughts for me OK!
See, Barb, I coulda answered that question for you while out in your boat and I coulda helped break in the livewell, too! BUT, admittedly, no where near ass good as your nephew! That's great! Nice to have Family to share experiences with!

And, to answer your earlier question....... Heck, no! I woulda provided the gas! But I woulda appreciated it if you had hauled the boat down here on the trailer...... Swimming out into the river to retrieve it might have been hazardous to my health! Not as young as I usta be - right, Marke!

Glad that you are now officially part of our Family!

I don't know Scott, I think an icy cold swim aught to keep the old heart pumpn'

Congratulations Barb! It's important to get the little ones out there. I usually catch the most fish, but I can gaurantee my 7 year old will always catch the biggest. I think it's because he never pays attention???

I know I've said it before - but I need to say it again.....

I love to fish! I love to catch big fish! I love to catch lots of little fish! But the times that I have gotten absolutely THE MOST FUN outta fishin' were when I've taken kids out! And I don't care whether it's been at the side of a pond with a cane pole or from the boat or canoe...... There is NOTHING in the world that can compare with watching a kid's face when they get a bite and pull in a fish!

I'd still like to organize a "National Take A Kid Fishin' Day"!


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