Fall Smallies on Champlain........

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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Mac's recent post to Marke got me thinking.......

How far in advance would we have to book rooms to have a tournament on Champlain during Fall Foliage Season? Could it be done yet this year for 2002?

For those of you who have never been to New England during Fall Foliage - It is SPECTACULAR!!!!!! Pictures just don't do it justice! What more could we ask for - BIG smallies AND absolutely GORGEOUS scenery! (That is - assuming Cass, Barb, Jeannie and Stacey show up!)

You know, maybe I'm just spoiled because I grew up in New Hampshire, because I never think of the foliage as special. It is pretty and I enjoy it, but I couldn't imagine traveling across the country to see it. I mean, come on, it's not the Grand Canyon (which I've not yet seen). I am excited to move into my new house next month because it is surounded by oaks, maples and lots of birches.

Now back to Champlain, we could always just pitch tents in Rob's back yard...LOL
Marke -

I've seen both....... Don't know which I'd choose if I had to...... Both are ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT....... But each in their own ways.

BUT..... It's easier to run a bass boat on Champlain than up the Colorado River!

Scott, it all really depends on the size of the tourney. This fall we already have the BFL and FLW coming up along with several season enders for local clubs. Booking for next year should be no problem. If this year is what you want, do it now! There a numerous B&B's around and small motels, so there is always places to stay. Let me know the dates and launch site and I'll do a little homework.