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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey everyone,

I've been working out the financing on my new TV-18 and the dealer offered me an extended warranty. One of the negative things I've read in past posts is Trackers loyalty to their warranties. If Tracker gives a hard time about honoring their warranties, is it worth it to buy the extended one? How long and what is covered under the standard warranty? I never get the extended warranty when I buy cars, so I really don't think I want to buy one for the boat. Any help here would be great.


Marke, don't jump in yet. You will receive many more offers over the next 12 months. The biggest issue is the motor, not the boat. All these warrantees are, are insurance policies. Shop around.

Rod, I would be interested in the name of the extended warranty company. I have 10 more months on my 1 yr Mercury warranty, before I have to commit to the extended motor warranty that Mercury offers.

I too am VERY interested in that warranty info. My first boat is due in anytime now. I contacted a warranty company on-line (I think it's called Warranties Direct). They quoted me around 450.00 for a Pro Deep-V 16 with a 50H but your's sounds a whole lot better (even if I have to pay a little more). Also, any advice or info on boat insurance would be great too.

John K.
Marke, I did get the extended warranty from BPS. It's the Pro Plus warranty that covers everything on the boat including the motor. I have heard the Tracker warranty rumors too. I figured that unless there is major hull problems, most of the repairs will be done at the dealer and not headquarters. Also, I keep hearing that headquarters is trying to improve greatly. So I took the gamble. Mine cost $630.00.

Thanks for the help guys. I'm holding the warranty quote right now. It's $800 for the 90 horse alone or $1250 for the "Sportsmans package". The sportsmans includes the motor and all major electronics (TM, speedo, tach, live well, bilge.....) It also covers the trailer (wheel brgns, welds, winch, axle...). It sounds pretty good and will add about $10 to my monthly payments. Oh, and it's fully transferable. Plus it's offered by my dealer, I figure if I make him happy he'll treat me well. I don't want to deal with crappy service because I saved $100 by purchasing a warranty from someone else. Not that that would happen, but why risk it.

Plus after reading all the dumb things that can/will, I'm sure I'll use it...lol

Thanks again guys,

I purchased the warranty from my dealer. D&R Sporting Goods, in Kalamazoo MI. The warranty is called Premium Marine Protection (FPC First Protection Companies) 601 Carlson Parkway Suite 990 Minnetonka, MN 55305 800-328-8690 612-473-8732 (fax) I purchased the Trophy Fishing Pac, includes everything on my boat, motor, and trailer. Hope this helps. RIP SOME LIPS! Rod
That's a good way to look at it Marke,.....10bux a month is cheap insurance when it comes to all the "Murphy's" that tag along in this sport!..LOL...If it can happen,......eventually it will.......at the worst possible time!! Isn't boating and tournament fishing fun!??..LOL....That $10 gives you a lot of piece of mind!! Good decision!!
Have a great season!

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