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Bobby Zerbe

Mar 9, 2001
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Although I am not a frequent poster to this Board, I read each and every posting every day. Don't tell my boss, but I probably spend in total 45 minutes a day (during work hours) reading this board, scanning the gallery for new pictures, etc. !! It is actually "stressfull" when I boot up in the morning and see that there are 8 or 10 new am I going to have time to read them all !!!

The only reason I am not a more frequent poster is that I just purchased my first bass boat 6 months ago and am learning more and more each day, largely thanks to you all ! I should have paid more attention to what my partner was doing with his boat all of these years, but now I am learning on my own boat.

On a final note, I really want to attend the "Second Annual Nitro Owners" tourney next year that I read so much about here on the board. When will the date and location be finalized? Good fishin' !

Good to hear, I have the same problems. From last discussions, the next tournament (2002) will be in Canada, in the Ottawa area during early spring. I will be organizing it. More details to follow.

Come on Pierre, you know you want to have the tourney at Lake Champlain. It borders NY, VT and Quebec. World class I tell ya! By the way when let me know when you ship that transducer so I can send you a check. And Bobby if you read the number of posts I put in here, you'll see that I do the same.
aka Nyguide 2539(I don't always add that)
Pierre -

I was ALMOST ready to come up Ottawa for the next tourney...... Then last night, I saw "Canadian Bacon" on the Comedy Channel....... Let's do Champlain, eh!


I hear you loud and clear. I'm so hooked on this place. I found it a few months ago while shopping for a new boat to buy. I was leaning heavily toward Tracker and once I found this page I new I was making the right choice.

I try to limit my visits to lunch time during the day. But when I'm home, I'm on from the minute my wife falls asleep around 9:30 until I can't read anymore. Tonight I'm catching up from the long weekend.

It's funny, I used to call people crazy when they said "I'm flying to Anytown, USA to meet someone I met on-line". Now I can't wait for the next annual internet rally (on Lake Champlain...) so I can meet everyone on here.

Tight lines,


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