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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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I am looking at getting a Bimini Top for my Pro Deep V-16 when I pick it up. Someone on the board here mentioned Cabelas. For a Pro Deep V-16 what height do you all recommend? The come in 36" 46" and 54".

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Hi Greg,
I would suggest get one so you can stand up underneath it. Probably be a pain in the back if it wasn't high enough.
Greg, I second Barb's suggestion. I plan on getting one from Cabelas eventually. You will need to stand in your boat and measure up from the gunnels to see what will be tall enough.

Howdy Greg,

I have a 3 bow, 54" and I can stand underneath with some room to spare (I'm 5'8"). Depending on your height, you might get away with a 46". My debate on this was do I want to stand up underneath or sit down. Check the past posts out on this same subject.

Barb actually provided me with a good analogy on the issue (i.e, had something to do with bending over a chair for long periods of time I think). Thanks again for that one Barb.

Hope this helps.

John K.
oOPS, forgot to tell you I have the exact same boat (in case you didn't already know that). Also, Mike Watson can give you some great input here too. He has the same rig as well.

me again.
Hey John K. got any pictures of the rig with the top up/down. As you may have guessed by looking in the Grab Bag I like to tinker with my Crappie Pro and have on the list of things when a few extra $$$ come in to look at a bimini top, and would love to see what they look like and how tough they are to install (i.e. should I do it my self or pay Tracker to do it for me).

Hey TrepMan,

I'm still trying to "reaquire" my digital camera back from my uncle. Soon as I do I'll get the picks up (top down and up).

I came real close to getting the Pro Crappie, very nice rig (and versatile too). As for the top, I had the dealer install mine thinking it would have been a tough job (charged me around 60.00 to do it) but after looking at it, it would have been fairly easy to have done it myself provide the measurements were taken just right the first time (to prevent unecessary holes in the gunnals).

One other thing to keep in mind is use stainless steel screws when you mount it (or have the dealer use them if they mount it). Mine was mounted with whatever screws came with it (definitely not stainless or galvenized) and I'm already seeing rust on them (only had the boat now for 6 days now).

John K.
John, looked hard at the Pro Deep V, Pro Angler and Super Guide 16 boats - it came down to finances and it I though I'd rather have the bass hull or Deep V, and Bass is my primary fish and I do some river fishing for rout so I needed the shallower hull.

Looking forward to seeing the top!


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