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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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This may seem like a simple question, but I want to make sure I am not making mistakes.

How do you know when your batteries are fully charged?

I have a Sears charger (10/2/50) and there are no charge indicators on the batteries. The batteries are the standard tracker deep cycle and cranking that came with my boat, a 2001 Pro Angler 16. The charger has a needle gauge that shows the amps I am charging at. Any help would be appreciated.

Rich D
Rich,..I had a charger just like that (with a 12hour timer on it too...does your have a timer??) a few years ago when I first started bass fishing.....My charger's needle would swing way over to the right (max amperage) when my batteries were low, (i'd set the timer to 8-10hrs) they charged the needle would move it's way back to the left to the point where it would register about 3-5 amps......that was when the batteries were fully charged and the unit would automatically revert to "trickle charge".....I'd plug it in...set the timer to 8 hours and forget about it. It always fully charged my batteries yet would never drop below 3 amps. I still have that charger as a backup just incase my on-board ever goes bad. Hope this helps......tight lines and full charges!!!

No timer, but everything else sounds right. I always stop charging when it does drop down to 3-5 amps, I just wasn't sure that was correct.

Rich D
Thanks Mac. I have a similar charger that I have lost the directions to and could not remember the workings. Unlike Rich D I was ashamed to ask on this board. Ain't pride a wonderful thing (LOL)! I for one treasure your advice on this board. Seems if I have a question in a day or two someone will ask. And often as not you bail us out! My thanks friend. You are valued by the folks on here especially me.
Wow,...that's a nice thing to say guys,...thank you!! As someone mentioned earlier we were all newcomers at one time, and anytime i can help someone I'll be sure to do so...I had a lot of help (and still need it too) in the past and i'm certainly not affraid to pass it along...that's what it's all about!! Thanks again for the nice words!!

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