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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Wow!! What an experience!! Had the time of my do those kids like getting their faces painted!! It was non-stop most of the time I was doing it, AND adults were coming back 2-3 days in a row to have them re-done!! ahahaha,....I did Kevin's twin's 2 different times and they are the cutest little boys,...they sat there like little stone statues,....just as patient as could be!!...I painted a Rico on Rick Clunn's little boy, too. Saw Woo and his wife Patty a few times,....he's so cool!! Gave him some pictures of our trip out 2 weeks ago. I also met several people I've worked with for years, but never met, Matt Vincent, Editor of Bass TIMES,...Gary Dollahon, from MotorGuide,...Pam Behnke and Jack Ferguson from Mercury.,...Bill Dance too...he was signing autographs in the booth right beside me, where I was doing the face painting!! Too Cool. There sure were a lot of bass and Nitro logo's on those faces!! hahahah...Talk about a great gimmick to get people in that booth!! Man alive there was a line 10-15 deep all day saturday,.....and while the kids were getting painted,...the parents were looking at the Nitro's and ProCrafts,.....there is a method to our madness y'know!! LOL ESPN did a GREAT job with the coverage,'ll be the best thing that ever happened to pro fishing,...the final weigh-in show was pretty on ESPN too,....anybody see it?? Took 2 rolls of pix's too,...will take them in today/tomorrow. Hope they turn out!! Sure love that Cajun food.... but glad to be home!! BTW,...the fishing was terrible!! Some guys were running 200miles round trip and weighing in 1or 2 bass,...little 12" dinks!!! A lot of skunks were present too!! Whew!! Imagine winning a Classic with a 2lb avg,....not to mention having to run 100 miles to get them!!! Bring a Classic to St.Clair and you'll see some fishing!!!!

Sorry, I didn't read below. Hooray for Vandam! He was my bet.
Yepp...KVD won it by 2lbs,......he beat another former MI boy,....David Walker,....3rd was Scott Rook I think,....I fished with him in the '97 top 100 on 'Clair,.......saw him and talked with him for awhile,...we had a blast!! He remembered my by name too.....I was happy for him and Kevin!! It was cool.....who says us northern boys can't fish......a 1st and 2nd place in the Classic??.....'Nuff said!! LOL
Good for you Mac. My son and I watched the show on ESPN and were rooting for Kevin. They put on quite the show, it must have been neat to see it in person. Glad you had a great time. Two Nitro boys winning the Classic in two years, do you think there is a trend here?

Thanks for the kudo's guys, was crazy down there,....i really enjoyed myself, and yes Adam, I'd LOVE to be able to work in the fishing industry in a full time capacity,.....the Nitro/ProCraft booth sure had a BUNCH of people in it all weekend,....really got a lot of nice compliments on my cartoon panel too......signed a bunch of autographs and really felt "in my element"......too bad it had to end,...ohwell,...maybe i'll get invited again next year to Birmingham, AL......I just hope it's a little earlier than a week before!!LOL

OK Mac,

I'll go ahead and invite you down for the 2002 Classic. Of course I have no official capacity within B.A.S.S. but you can drop on in and I might even take you out on our dead sea (Smith Lake). They haven't decided on which lake to fish down here as of yet, but I hope they put them on Smith so maybe I can learn a few tricks on my home lake from the pro's. If nothin else, you've got free room and board and a boat to fish from. I might even spring for a sidewalk stand out in front of the Civic Center for you to sell your autographs (for a nominal fee that is ..... ) See ya next year...


Beware of the Parrott, Mac........ A True Friend would NEVER ask for a fee to simply help you to acheive you dreams.

On the other hand...... That's Life!

(That'll be 5 cents for the counseling.)

LOL.....The first time I see or hear about anybody in the fishing industry "charging" for an autograph, the day I get out of the sport!!...Scott,...the check's in the mail...thanks!