Auxilliary gas tank question?

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Bill P

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Feb 19, 2001
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I have two tanks in my Nitro, they're 25 gallons each. My question is, can I keep my aux tank empty when I don't need it? I fish mostly 600 acre lakes, and smaller, and I wont be using that much gas on average, and don't want it to go stale. Also it will take about 165 lbs off the weight of my boat. I was wondering if it would be a safety issue, because of the fumes from the small amount of gas in the aux tank, or does that not make a difference? I'll just fill it when I have a tournie on a large body of water. All opinions welcome, thanks.
Bill -

Only problem I can see arising is that you may end up with dried "varnish" in the tank from the residue of the gasoline if you try to leave it completely empty. Later, when you'd try to run the boat on gas from the tank, the dried bits would clog jets in the carburetors or injectors. I'd suggest one of two ways:

Leave a gallon or so in there, seal the cap tightly and, just before you seal it, squeeze the sides in somewhat to allow for expansion.

If you decide to drain it, rinse it will with a small amount of fresh gasoline or some other compatible solvent (I'm havign a "Senior Moment"! I can't remember the name of the stuff that comes in the yellow container that you use to keep your gas lines from freezing in the winter.......) then store the tank inverted and open so that anything left in there will drain instead of coating the insides. AND leave it in a well ventilated area! KA-BOOM!

Thanks Scott, but the tanks are not portable, there kinda permanent. Do you still think your suggestions will work, as far as leaving a gallon or two in the tank? Also, what about stabilizing the fuel left in there?
Are the tanks arranged side by side so if you have a full tank and an empty tank you'll have "balance" problems?
Yes, go ahead and leave some fuel in the tank.

I've never been much of a fan of fuel additives - including stabilizers; but most people on the boards swear by them.

Rather than worry about stabilizing the fuel....... Alternate tanks! First time you're out - use tank #1 and run it down to just a coupla gallons. Next time, fill up the other and run it almost all the way down...... Going back and forth like that you'll never have to worry about stale fuel.

Good Luck & Gooder Fishin'!
P.S. "Heet" is the fuel line anit-freeze I was trying to think of. It's the one additive I do use religiously.
I'd do like Scott said.......use both tanks alternating them, that way the fuel stays fresh.