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Sep 12, 2021
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2011 Z9 and the previous owner was an older fellow too and second owner, he didn't know how many of the buttons on the dash worked. I thought i could figure them out but turns out i'm an old man that doesn't know anything either. The lockers have a switch that when the lid is raised lights should come on but they don't. There's a switch "courtesy lights" but that doesn't make them work either. Oil and fuel gauges don't work though both are full. The gauges have connectors like i've never seen, they're on threaded posts but the ends of wires seem pressed onto the threads and i can't pull them off to check for power or continuity. The bilge/auto bilge light will only stay on in the bilge position, is there a trick to get in the auto bilge mode? Trailer brakes have a 5 way flat plug and my old boat had a 7 way round. Found an adapter and all trailer lights work including backup lights but no brakes, where to start looking there? Minor things all in all, i love the ride and handling and storage. First new to me boat i've had in 20 plus years so bear with me i'll have many more questions i'm sure.

Thanks for accepting me to the group and hope this isn't too many questions for a first post

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