Anyone else have this problem?

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Tom Jones

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Mar 24, 2001
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Ever since I bought my 1994 170 TF Rick Clunn Edition off the showroom floor, I've had this problem. I cannot put gas into the tank with any speed without it backwashing back out the spout. If I put the gas in VERY slowly, it won't do it, but it takes 30 minutes to fill the tank. I tried taking the vent cap off the other side, but that didn't help. I finally devised a way to gas her up by taking a 18' lenght of 1" gas line and shoving it down the gas "hole" as far as it will go, then putting the pump nozzle into the gas line ( it fits snugly ).
Should this be happening?
Has anyone else had this problem?
Can there be some kind of kink in the hose leading to the tank?
Should I have a dealer take it apart?
This is a pain in the ......!!!
Todd I had the same boat, same problem. The only way I got it to work was at an angle. Look at how the gas line enters into your boat and the follow that angle with the gas spout. It takes some time to figure it out but it worked for me. Hope this helps. RIP SOME LIPS! Rod
Tom - Have the same problem with my Crappie Pro 175 (I wish they'd name that boat something else, down south they pronounce it "crappy" and for a long term born-raised Yankee that sound like fighting words). I like ORd have figured out the just right angle to point the pump spigout at, and also find that it is much easier to till AFTER a trip then before.

I have a PT185 and had the same problem. Mine was solved by making sure the pump nozzle was all the way in the fill line. When I done that it filled up OK.
Thanks for the replies. I was beginning to think I was losing what little abilities I thought I had. I guess it's something I can live with. Got to fill her up tomorrow for a trip with my dad. They're biting here in TN. Been cathing good numbers of bass and crappie. Let you know if any records are broken tomorrow.
Thanks again guys!!!
Sounds like you've got a kink in your vent hose.... make sure the hose is direct w/ no kinks or restrictions from the fuel tank to the vent....
Chris and David are on the right track. It's almost always the vent hose. The guys at Tracker put in a hose that's too long. The hose sags in the middle and collects gas that sloshes out of the tank. That gas blocks the flow of air . If you can reach the hose, just lift up on it and drain the gas back into the tank and you should have no more problems with filling.