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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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The people have spoken and Pierre and I agree that the 2002 annual Tracker/Nitro owners rally will be held on Lake Champlain in the spring/early summer. Season opens on the 2nd weekend in June but I will determine a date according to a weekend with liitle tourney traffic. Pierre and I will cooridinate details. I can say that the actual launch site will be Point Au Roche state boat launch. This allows for protected fishing in the event of rough water. It is also not far from the highway and has many affordable motels near by. I will make arrangements with those motels and posts discounted rates and phone #'s in the future. As this is the first time I have done this, I will need some help form the board. I am also going to attempt to work with the local Nitro dealer to get an appearance from a Nitro Pro. The closest big airport is Burlington VT, which is a 1 hr ride, ferry included from NY. If you want to fly directly in, we do have Clinton County airport which brings in smaller props from Boston, Burlington. Another option is Dorval or Mirabelle in Montreal but those would include customs and I don't recommend it. That's all for now, I will talk to Pierre and we will firm up a date soon.
Where exactly is that boat ramp on Champlain? I have been on Champlain many times but don't know where that is. Was just wondering if you ever considered launching out of Ticondaroga? Tha offered prtected areas as well to fish. Were ever we go out of sure it will be a blast.

Rob L
I have always done well in Ti, but after opening weekend there are dozens of tourneys down there. Almost every weekend. Plus there are not as many accomodations. We had a guy with 21 ft ranger and 225 opti run up north near us this weekend all the way from plunder bay. That's a 100 mile run man. 1.5 hours off his fishing time each way.
Also, the tourney will be a 2 day partners event. Those who will bring your partner please let us know in the future as we get an idea of who will come. That will allow us identify how many non boaters there will be. We will be able to ask who is coming once we post a firm date.
PS I post the NYguide2539 because there are so many Rob's on the page now. Even another Rob L, which are my initials too.
Also folks, if at anytime you notice something that we shouldn't do or have an idea, please speak up. Pierre and I are taking the advice of Scott and taking "the bull by the horns" here. We are new to this so please help if you can. Our main goal is to get as many members there as possible and for everyone to have a terrific time. And if by some luck we should all catch fish... that would be good too, I think. LOL And the lake is not as rough as you all think. It has so many launches and bays, there is always somewhere protected and productive to fish.
AWESOME!!! I better get up there now and start practicing....LOL

Just so all of you know, I'm leaving my regular fishing buddy home. I'm leaving my passenger seat open for any member of the board willing to fish from a TV-18 for the weekend.

This is gonna be fun!!!!

Problem with grabbin' the bull by the horns is..... NOW what're ya gonna do with him!!??!!

Hey, guys, I WILL be there! It'll be great to meet Rob and Pierre and Marke and Cass and maybe even Mac 'n Mini face-to-face! Buzz, you're up in that area, too, aren't you? I'll even wear the perch-colored life vest! Where do I register?


guess we might have to go to this one.if it is bad water as i have read,my deep v will be the boat to be in.

dont know about a partner in my boat yet,not sure if either one of mine will be able to go.

any campsites by the launch?since it will be around the time bass comes in it will be warm enough for the tent/outside camping deal..
There are several campsites around. In the near future I will saturate the site with posts about as much of the area I can get on here before you folks say "enough". I want to be sure that this goes smooth and is very easy for everyone to participate in.

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