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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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OK, got a little info from some local motel/hotels. Right off of exit 39 on I-87 is the Super 8 with an indoor pool. Also a Stewarts gas station and convienence store out front. Rooms are going to be around $57 a night for double bed. Approximately 3-4 miles up the road on RTE 9 is the Pioneer Motel where many bassers stay. They will only have about 10 rooms available for $59 a night with plug ins in front of the rooms. BTW Super 8 has 60 rooms. My personal favortite is the one I have sent many clients too, that is right off of exit 40 on I-87, the Stonehelm motel. Rooms are being offered at $40 a night for double beds. Directly across the road is a mobil gas station and deli. They will have around 20 rooms available. I am also looking into a B&B I do business with for any of you that may bring a spouse and make a vaca of it. The Point Au Roche B&B is VERY plush and accomodating. Also considerably more per night. It is a 15 room 4000 sq ft log building, with baby grand in the grand foryer, fireplace in each room, and a splendid breakfast. Only a few minutes from the launch and almost across the road from a state beach. It is in the midst of a wildlife refuge, so don't be surprised to see whitetail or turkey outside of your room in the morning. Just be careful driving. Now that that plug is over. Please call and let me know if you would be interested, and in which place. The better numbers I have, the better I can negotiate price. We may need to reserve or pay in advance for some better deals. The Stonehelm is giving me their best price already. The Stonehelm and Point Au Roche B&B are the 2 I usually deal with. If any of you need phone numbers, let me know. I will post them and firmer prices later. Please remember, we need to book soon as the rally is on opening weekend and there will be a LOT of tourneys and hence anglers here that weekend next year.


In a post below, I annonced the dates, and the location is the Great Chazy River boat launch on Lake Champlain.

Rob do you know if any of the places allow dogs we will be up that week and will come in a day early to fish saturday but we may not be able ot stay at henery's that Friday night we were thinking of staying at the can-american ? in rouses point since they allow dogs do any of the other places .
Mike there are cabins at a place called marine village which is just outside plattsburg e mial me if you want further information

I think it shouldn't be a problem at either the Pioneer or Stonehelm. I will double check.
Gunny it's in June in Vermont...... dont know about you but dont think i'll be able to make it.
Rob, a suggestion: Post the rally information in the Events message board (just under Swap and Sell on the menu). It will stay at the top of that board since there are no other posts. These informational threads about the rally will be buried in a week or two on the message board.
Motel? Whadayamean "motel"? I thought you were putting up the first 10 entrants at your place, Rob?

...didn't mention the campsite at Cumberland

Head or Pt Au Roche (I built that park back

in the '70s when I headded up the Clinton

County Youth Conservation Corps). Bohemian

living, but another option. said Huck