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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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The steering tension knob on my Motorguide sheered off when I tried to tighten it.

I'm going to drill and tap for a stainless screw just above where the tension knob had been to replace the now-not-working-tension-bolt, but I am not quite sure how the tension mechanisim worked.

Does anybody know if the tension bolt actually touches the inner shaft of the trolling motor? Is it a plain bolt? Is there some type of bushing on the end of the fastener that puts tension on the shaft?

Any help appreciated.
Mac, that's what I thought, but here's what is confusing me: The lower/inner shaft rotates inside the outer/upper shaft. The "clamp" assembly looks like it can only increase tension on the outer shaft. Is there more the the clamp assembly that meets the eye?

The tension knob was hard to turn and totally ineffective. I'm perfectly happy to use a screwdriver and and turn a screw instead. I almost never change motor height.
Forgot how to post there for a second.

Rich, I had the same thing happen to my motor guide. The bolt pushes a small metal plate onto the motor shaft to give it Tension. I used a small drill bit and drilled through the old bolt. Then I used increasingly larger drill bits till I drilled out the entire old bolt. Make sure you get it all out. The select a tap you want to use, (I use 5/16ths) and drill the hole to the proper size and tap it. Put in a bolt and off you go. You can also get from your local hardware store another knob-style bolt. But I just used a Stainless 5/16 bolt.

Have fun

John, I've done what you did. Didn't seem to make a difference. I seem not able to put any tension on the inner shaft (the one that turns). That metal plate presses against the outer shaft.

The same was true of the tension knob before it broke. Just doesn't seem to add any friction to the shaft. It turns very free and loose. Can't hold it's own course even under the lowest thrust setting.

Any other suggestions before I take the entire thing apart? :)

Hey Rich do have a nut or is the body threaded. If you have nut inside the body the inside corners might be rounded off. If the threades are in the body the tape should work but won't be adjustable even with wrenches. try grinding or sanding a little of the body down. Shouldn't need more than 1/16 to a 1/8 Good luck Billy
I went out to my boat and looked for a tension adjustment for making the motor stay were you point it. I didn't find one. The motor is designed to have your foot on it all the time if it is running. One of the draw backs to a foot controlled unit.

When I picked up my boat from the dealer, I asked him about a way to
make the motor turn a bit more stiff. He told me, I guess from hearsay,
that alot of people prefer it NOT to be hard to turn. This way it puts less
stress on your foot all the time. I can see his point, but I dont know of any
way to stiffin up the turning on the motor. The peddle is rack and pinon
I saw no adjustment there eather.

(excuse the poor spelling if any!)

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