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Bruce Moore

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Aug 4, 2000
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Ehat have you guys done to eliminate or reduce torque steer. Mine is not severe, just aggravating. Trim tab all way to right, merc. 90. Also those of you that have installed a "whale's tail", how do you like it?


I have the same problem. Trim tab is about 45 degree to the right on my 115 Merc.

Solutions would be a no feed back (NFB) steering system. However the disadvantages with this is that you will be unaware of increased steering loads and may not be able to turn the wheel against the force. It feels like the steering system has locked up or something. Its a strange feeling and I would rather experince steering torque. The best solution would be power steering, but this can cost a few $$$....

Not sure about the Whale Tail...

I installed a stingray hydrofoil on my 90 Merc. It has eliminated most of the torque. Raising the trim helps also.
I have a a lot of steering torque on my 150 on my NX882. My dealer has suggested a torque tab to put on the skeg and I'm adding a hot foot and trim on the steering wheel. Also raising the motor might help.
I had the same problem on my 700lx set the tab too almost straight and took care of the problem
then went to a new pitch prop and WOW!!
Take a look and try it.