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Thomas Macaluso

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Jul 10, 2000
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let me know when you expect to get back from NC we will be up at Champlain on Saturday Afternoon staying back at henry's I try and give you a call on Monday or Tuesday afternoon or if you are free before then just stop by the camp. there is only Jim ,myself and the dog so we have room for three. We are planning to go to the weigh-in on Thursday afternoon I guess it's around 3:30 ? we going to have my truck not Jim's . Mine is a maroon Tahoe matches the boat .talk to you later . To get to Henry's by land just take route 2 down towards the islands and make a right just before the bridge that goes to North hero
Sounds good to me. I will get back about 9pm on Sunday. We'll have to do something on Thursday. See you guys next week.