The Bass are bedding

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Rod Kotarski

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Feb 26, 2001
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Well, just got back from the Grand Cayman Islands, wanted to fish there but they wanted $800. for a day of fishing, what a Joke. Anyway I did go swimming with the stingrays, what a trip to have these beauties swim on and around you. Went fishing a few times since I've been back, the LM are bedding and the SM are moving up as well, having a ball catching the bass. Can't resist killing the bluegills though. Doesn't get any easier than throwing a tear drop bobber, with a 3 foot leader with a spider at the end. One after the other. Good fishin friends......Rip some Lips Rod
Hey Rod, your not targeting those bass are you?? Got a DNR man on the board now, better keep track of your p's and q's!! Just kidding, I do the same thing, but you did not hear it from me! LOL.
Hey Rod, What's the water temp at in the lake you fish?

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