Screaming high pitch noise from under console Alarm Maybe?

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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I was idleing waiting for my son to tie a jig on for the wife and get the rods out when I started getting what i believed to be an alarm signal from under the drivers console very high pitch constant scream i turned it off and back on several times it didn't go away i ran the boat up and down the river a bit turned it off the back on it disappeared and didnt come back. this is a 700Lx with a 120 ELPT Force by Mercury on it. Any Ideas on what this noise was guys? I bought the boat used with almost no hours on it but at the same time no manual either.

Rip some lips...Ron
This has happened on 2 force motors that i have owned.What it is ,is an alarm telling you that your overheating.My dealer told me that it was common on these motors that there isnt enough water flow going thru and that they can drill the opening out for better water flow, so i had this done and i didnt have anymore problems out of it, my new motor just did this the other day so i got to make another trip to the dealer so they can fix it.If it does it again just shut it off for about 5 min or so to let it cool down,but i would see your dealer
Thanks Steve overheating is what i figured it was actually that is why i ran it up and down the river to get the water flow this is not my first boat and i use to be an auto mechanic so i had somewhat of an idea just figure someone with a manual might be able to read that a constant alarm ment one thing while a beeping meant another.