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Mike Watson

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Mar 1, 2000
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Well boys and girls, I am heading off to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan to do some Walleye fishing. I am taking the V-16 with. Mac, if your reading, I'm off to God's country!!! I am retrieving my son who has been fishing with his grandpa for the last week at the family cabin. Adding on a few days for myself. I will let you know how we did when I get back. Have a good one all!

Mike -

Anytime you want to adopt another kid or Gandpa wants another grandchild......... There are about 400 of us on this board who will take you up on it!


Sounds fun Mike,...the weather's been great,...hope it is up there as well. I caught a 8-9lb walleye in my last tournament this past weekend, what a toad...if it wasn't for the deffinite "thunk!!" when he nailed that tube,...i could've sworn i was pulling up a snag or something, was a NICE 'eye!! Take care!!

Scott, I think I would need a bigger Chevy and a much bigger boat for all you grandkids. You would love it though, the loons still visit the lake and the bald eagles still nest there every year.

Mac, NICE FISH!!! We don't get them that big up there but we do get quite a few around eating size and the big ones are usually around 24 inches and 4-5lbs. We do on occasion get a monster pike. Gotta love them all!!!

See ya!

Man those 2-4lb walleye are the ultimate eaters anyway!!! YUMM!!!,.......perfect size for fileting,......those big one's are only good for pix's, trophies, paychex and renewing the resource. LOL... Good luck Mike,...I'm sure you'll have a riot up there. BTW,..gas is cheap too,....down to $1.30 something.....sometimes cheaper!!

Drive carefully.

Enjoy your trip Mike. There's nothing like spending some time on the water with the little ones and it sounds like you've got a great place for doing just that. BTW, I'd take those eatin size all day, I don't eat much fish but sure would love catchin'm.

Good luck, God Bless, have fun and be safe!

John K.

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