Rear bearing removal from trailer hub

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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Hey all. Trying to repack the bearings on a plain spindle trailer hub. The front bearing was obvious since it just pops right out of the hub after the hub is loosened. My question is about the rear bearing and the seal. How do I pop that seal out to get the bearing out? Is the seal reusable or do I need a new one?
Hi Rich, I was always told to replace the rear seal.
And to my experience after prying the old one off you have to buy a new one because it gets all tore up.
It is good to always replace the seal just like you would for a car. They are only a couple of dollars and you don't want water in there. Just pry the old one out with a big screwdriver. Be sure when you put the knew one in, you use a block of wood. Hit the wood with a hammer. It drives the seal in evenly and keeps you from damaging the seal. Be sure to pack those bearing well too.
Thanks, guys. Any tips for really stubborn rear seals? Looks like some sort of locking compound was used and it's in there tight! Already starting to tear the seal apart, but I don't want to damage the rear bearing as I do this.

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